Monae: An Introduction

I believe I’m ready to expand my life’s horizon. Living in Miami isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Sure you’ve got your bangin’ nightlife and the never ending party types who greet you on Ocean Drive with mimosas and stilletoes in hand at 5 am. Of course you can ‘do lunch and drinks’ at these posh eateries just steps away from sand, and the infamous South Beach. But when the sun sets and the club lights fade, reality sets in! Everything that glitters ain’t gold.

They call me Monae. I’m a fresh 20-something year old born and raised in South Florida. My heritage is Bahamian but at times I can pass for someone’s Chinese 3rd cousin. It’s a huge melting pot here in Miami so any and everything goes. I work for one of the largest corporate companies in the world. It pays the bills, the perks are great but I still want MORE. I’m beyond single and have been so for the past 3 years…..what THEE fcuk? I’ve dated from time to time but I still ponder the reason why HE hasn’t come along. I mean I think I’m well put together: I’m educated, I’m employed, I have no children and I’m far from crazy!

I’m tired of the lame ass cop out excuse of men being intimidated by women who can stand on their own. Maybe qualities like that just aren’t appreciated enough these days. Sometimes people tell me that I make it hard on myself because of my standards. Settling just isn’t a damn option for me though! So what my attitude is crazy at times or that the wall up around my emotions has barbed and electric wire. So what I still believe that marriage will one day happen for me despite the naysayers and I choose not to date men with kids….shouldn’t the desires of my heart still be met anyway without the hassle?

I’ve contemplated moving, no thoughts on any set location but the idea is there. I fantasize about living elsewhere and my dream guy catching me before I can fall whenever the time is right. Sad to say that I’m an instant gratification type of chick. Hey I’m not gettin’ any younger and I need to face this ish: Time waits for no one and ya’ girl wants to experience this thing called love.

“When I’m alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall and in the back of mind, I hear my conscience call……”

To be continued…..


~ by Monae on September 14, 2009.

One Response to “Monae: An Introduction”

  1. I love the “I need Love” reference at the end…

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