Veronica – “Sweet Dreams…or a Beautiful Nightmare?” #2

93676179_ad81ed5ffeBefore I left Duke for NYC, I was so done with men. I’d already changed my number from 919 to 917 so the exes and losers couldn’t track me down.  I planned to immerse myself in my new job so I wouldn’t have time to date. I was staying with my mom’s older brother and his wife in Kew Gardens until I was able to find a place of my own.

After being in NYC for three months I realized my job was entirely too lax and boring so I decided on prepping for graduate school. Everyone in the family wanted me to become a lawyer, but my aunt just wanted me to find a man and make babies. She kept mentioning her son Miguel from her first marriage and I kept telling her that I had no interest and no desire to date. Too late. She said I was too busy to be stuck in my room on a Friday. She told him to pick me up at 8pm. Whatever, I was always good for a margarita or a glass of chardonnay.

I went upstairs and put on my favorite DKNY jersey dress and knee-high Cole Haan boots  – simple, yet fly.  I heard the doorbell as I zipped up my boots. From the top of the stairs I watched as my aunt opened the door. In walks a fairly attractive, tall, caramel-colored Miguel in a Polo shirt and khakis. Eh, he’ll do. We hug and kiss cheeks as Puerto Ricans do and I followed him to his Jeep outside, which was old but clean. The ride to City Island was pleasant as we bobbed our heads to Blueprint 3 . We arrived to the restaurant and he tells me to stay put…he walks over to my side and opens my door. O RLY?

Over a salmon and crab leg dinner we discussed career goals and hobbies. Who would’ve known that we can both quote every single episode of “Martin.” Before I knew it, I realized I was on a fucking date. When the fuck did the flirting start? Everytime he smiled he produced a set of dimples and had a twinkling in his amber-colored eyes. Oh yeah, putting his ass in the friend zone STAT. I thought about it and realized that his charming ass has a lot of women, walking around here smelling good and shyt. Can’t fool me. Anyway, after the second drink he drove me back to Queens and we exchanged numbers in case something “popped off.”

As I walked in, tia said “How was it?” I smiled and replied, “oh he’s cool, he’s a nice person.” She waited for more details and I stared at her dryly in response. She blurted out, “girl when you gon’ give yo mama some grandbabies?!” On that note I bid her goodnight and took my ass upstairs. After I got out the shower I noticed some new facebook messages from an ex. “Aye V, I’ve been trying to reach you but some Asian lady keeps answering the phone, is that yo peoples? well, call me so i can holla at you for a minute.” I threw my phone down and screamed in the pillow. Now THAT’S why i hate men, they always come around when you don’t want them. I noticed a red light blinking on my Blackberry, which notifies me of text messages or voicemails. I ignored it and read a few chapters of “I Wish I Never Met You” by Denise Wheatley. Thirty minutes later I decided to see who the text was from. I saw the name and I said WTF?!!?!

What the hell does he want? 3312703498_8af5b1916a

To be continued……


~ by A. Nicole on September 23, 2009.

One Response to “Veronica – “Sweet Dreams…or a Beautiful Nightmare?” #2”

  1. Lol… ” I’ve been trying to reach you but some Asian lady keeps answering the phone, is that yo peoples” You know that’s your people

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