“Love Don’t Love Me”-Veronica #4

Dayum its already Wednesday. I’m off work for the Jewish holiday so I’ve been out getting my hair and nails done. It feels good to get out the house and pamper ME. Miguel called last nite to confirm that I’d be at his apt in Astoria on Friday. Without thinking I asked if I should bring wine. I was supposed to make up an excuse for not being able to come but..oh well.

I hung up when my ex beeped in- well, the ex that really ISN’T an ex. The guy I dated all throughout college-my frat brother who I can’t stay away from. My ex RJ who played a Mint Condition song for me on his sax at his probate, as he screamed “I love you, Veronica!”…..my ex who I just can’t get enough of. RJ and I share a deep love for music, as we’d often sing to each other and write songs together. If ever I thought I’d find someone I would never get tired of, it was him. We should’ve been married by now, but love don’t love me. I was the baddest Gamma on the yard, and he was the flyest Eta man. We were supposed to be the Huxtables in 10yrs, and then he broke up wit me for the same reason my first broke up with me-distance. He couldn’t come to NY with me, so he didn’t wanna make me believe we could work with 400 miles between us. I forgave him and the feelings remained in hopes that love would lead us back. We always keep in touch, not sure why, but some things are better left unexplained….

Friday came. I got to his place at 6. I was impressed with Miguel’s place. Neat, warm, and cool. Dinner was ready when I got there- grilled salmon, pasta salad, and mixed vegetables. I brought wine and chocolate mousse. We clowned all nite, I hadn’t had that much fun in a while. It was cool to hang out wit a guy and not care about anything. I was glad that I’d found a homie. I knew he was single but who cared as to why he hadn’t been snatched up. As we watched Goodfellas on the couch, somehow we ended up talking about relationships and he said that he had no interest in a girlfriend. Fine with me, I was too busy trying to figure out what was wrong with him and wondering what RJ was doing at the same time. I didn’t respond, I just nodded my head without even looking at him. I didn’t come over for that. I came to enjoy some company. It was still nice..the attention that I’d been without for so long, the thoughtfulness that he expressed when he pulled my chair out and poured my wine. It wasn’t forced, as if he was trying too hard. Even though his mother is crazy, you could tell that he had been taught to treat women with a certain level of respect. Duly noted. After the movie was over I grabbed the plates from the table and headed to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Miguel grabbed them from my hands and said “Nah, I got this. You just relax.” Oh really? That’s never been done before ever! And why is he looking at me like he was full, but not satisfied? Nevermind maybe I’m reading too much into it. Let me take my ass back to Kew.

He walked me to my car in the parking garage and I looked back at him like he was crazy. I bid him goodnight and he said he’d call me later. Eh.

*note to self* he aint shyt lyke the rest of them. Good, I feel better.


~ by A. Nicole on October 7, 2009.

One Response to ““Love Don’t Love Me”-Veronica #4”

  1. Stomp the yard is whack dont ever use pictures from there again. Men with “crazy” mom’s usually learn respect for women lol my mom is crazy too

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