Monae~Cupid is a Liar…

I know for a fact that in some instances I’ve been the brunt of jokes in the dating game. Cupid has lied to my damn face more times than I can count and has shot more than enough crooked arrows for me to believe that I’ve been punk’d on occasion! Quit laughing guys. This isn’t funny. I wish there was a way that we could protect ourselves from these failed attempts at dating but that would be like finding the master key to unlock the secret treasure chest of why some men behave the way that they’s just not going to happen! At least not in this lifetime! They say that experience is the best teacher right? Well listen up ‘Experience’….how about you teach me how NOT to get caught up in this foolishness. Sometimes I wished Ashton was behind the damn wall, curtain, chair, SOMETHING, ready to jump out while I in turn, proceed to beat his ass for trying to play me! Tricks are for kids fool! Nevertheless, if it weren’t for these frogs, I’d never know what qualities to require of in my KING….so I introduce to you Khalil…..

Let me take you back to the weekend of one of my birthdays. I had just about partied until I was damn near hoarse. Good friends and good times equal great memories. As I’m leaving the place to be, headed back to my car, he just appears out of nowhere and begins walking with me. At first glance I’m thinking, “MMMHMM YES!”. Ooooo he was a mix of golden honey & caramel brown. His height was average yet he was muscular like he played ball and also bald….!! His style of dress was very mature and he smelled good as well so of course my senses were on overload. He introduced himself and spoke of how he had his eye on me the whole night. Of course I’m thinking, “Sure you did but since you look GOOD as HELL I’ll let that slide just this once!” He seemed well mannered enough so when he asked for my number, I obliged but I didn’t take his. I figured if he really wanted to call he would…and that he did! At 4 damn a.m.! Even though I was still up in some diner having breakfast on Miami Beach, I sent the call to vm. His message: “I was just checking to make sure you made it in safely. Hit me up tomorrow; maybe we can do lunch or something.”  He had one of those sexy phone voices too. *clenches legs shut* I laughed to myself, locked his number in and pondered on whether or not I should take him up on his offer….


A couple of weeks passed but Khalil and I continued to stay in touch. Through frequent conversations I found out that he indeed played basketball (that would explain the sexiness that was he) was 27, single, gainfully employed with NO KIDS! You women know how rare it is to come across a man who doesn’t have that extra accessory! You know that I am now stoked right? “Keep your cool Monae….play it safe still.” Soon enough Khalil asked me out on a date and I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to spend some time with this guy. When the night came, I had those butterflies and thought to myself, “Wow…..this could be the start of something VERY nice.” When he arrived to take me out, he went to open the car door for me……I am so NOT used to that. I gave him a face like, “WTF are you doing? I can open my own door.” Apparently he read my mind because his response was, “Let me be a man. I know what you’re probably thinking.” I just smiled at him and got in. During the drive, he kept complimenting me and even though I knew I looked HOT, I was kind of embarrassed. Don’t get me wrong, I love compliments though….maybe I was just feeling a bit shy. We ended up at one of those swanky sidewalk cafes on Ocean Drive for dinner. Afterwards we walked the streets of South Beach talking and laughing and just enjoying the night life. We stopped by the infamous Wet Willies for drinks and that one frozen ‘Sexy Attitude’ that I consumed did the trick! He shyly asked could he hold my hand… and I was blushing so damn hard! “Sure.” I said as we continued to walk the strip. In my head I’m thinking, “Could this first date have not gone more perfect?” He kept staring at me and would look away smiling every time I caught him. Damn what is that I’m feeling…could I be in like??

As the night drew to a close, we held hands on the drive back home. He kept trying to sing along to these slow jams he had playing in the car. All I could do was shake my head and laugh at how corny he was. All sorts of things began running through my head…”Wow, this was great! He may have potential!”….”Pinch me. I must be dreaming!”……”Maybe he’s the one good guy that slipped under the radar.” I was excited at the possibilities! Once he arrived back at my house, he wouldn’t let my hand go. He told me how much of a great time he had with me and made me promise that we could do this again….as I’m looking at him, my shyness took effect once again so I just nodded and smiled. He kept staring at my face and then down at my lips and then looking into my eyes and then back at my lips….”Is he thinking about kissing me?” and before I could even complete the thought, BAM! He’s kissing me and I’m feeling so many things…..exhilaration, desire, warmth, damn Khalil could’ve kissed the damn painted jeans off my ass! I couldn’t believe how GOOD it felt right then! I had to pull away and he pulled me back for more….damn I could get used to this! Again I pulled away and told him thanks for such a great time. He walked me to the door, gave me the longest hug and soon as I attempted to let go, he…was…kissing…me…AGAIN! “Thanks again Khalil…” I said. He just smiled at me and as I watched him walk back to his car, I melted….


Khalil and I continued to converse all the time and see each other. He spoke of a relationship but I felt that it was too soon…even though we were really feeling each other. “Let’s give it some time” I told him one day over the phone. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen! Then things became strange….we made plans one Monday to go out on Friday. When Friday came, I hadn’t heard from him. I called and got no answer. I texted and was met with no response. Strange. Saturday came and went and still no Khalil. Sunday came and I then became attitudinal…boy you better had been in jail or dead. Sunday left and no word at all. I get a call from him on Monday NIGHT. He’s all, “Hey. What’s up?” like nothing happened. I WENT OFF! He claimed that he had to leave town for a “family emergency” and that he wasn’t up for talking….are you serious?! “I’ll make it up to you this weekend. We could do dinner or something.” he said. I was still pissed but I wanted to see him so I agreed. Saturday comes and it’s kind of back to normal between us.

We had a great dinner and some drinks…then he asked if I wanted to go back to his place. *side eye*….so I laugh and say, “What for? It’s late.” he says, “Come watch a movie with me.” and those eyes of his were so mesmerizing. Dammit! I agreed. We arrive at the house and I see more than one car….ummm Khalil are you ballin’ like that?! We got to the door and he stops me and says, “Don’t make too much noise going in.” *insert confused face here* I asked, “Why?” and before I got an answer, he’s already opened the door and is looking left and right like he’s about to cross the street. WTF….??! He darts in, peeks his head out and tells me to come in. It’s dark inside and I’m like, “I can’t see Khalil.” He’s telling me to “SHHH!” Again WHAT THE FCUK?! He takes my hand and leads me to a room and closes the door. Finally he turns on a light and I look around….ok so what’s really going on!? He says, “Oh nah, my moms and pop are sleep on the other side of the house” HOLD THE DAMN PHONE! I squinted my face up and said, “What?” He ignores my response and proceeds to turn on his 19 inch tv. I’m still blown that this dude is still living with his damn parents while he’s trying to get me to lay down. I was uncomfortable with this whole situation but managed to kinda relax…then his hands began roaming, he’s kissin’ on my neck, he’s trying to undo my bra strap…DUDE! Your parentals are on the other side! Quit it! I kept moving his hands away and he formed his mouth to say, “What’s wrong with you? The least you could do is give me some.” Ok….where the fcuk is Ashton? Where are the cameras? Someone’s playing a joke right? This n-word can NOT be serious! I quickly fastened what little he had undone and rudely stated that I was ready to go home. He then has the nerve to suck his teeth as he grabbed his keys and STILL told me to be quiet walking to the front door. I jingled my bangles and clacked my stilletos as hard as I could. I would’ve slammed the front door if I’d gotten to it quick enough!

The ride home was silent and I was seething the entire time! Who the hell was this dude and what happened to the Khalil I’d met?! Boy oh boy that saying is true. When someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM! I believe, I believe, I believe!!!

This can’t be life yall…this JUST CAN’T!!!


~ by Monae on October 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Monae~Cupid is a Liar…”

  1. “the least you could do”…oh no he did NOT! Some men have nerve to be so bold! He should’ve been embarrassed to bring you to his parents house and to even turn on the 19 in.

  2. WTF I’d shoot myself before I brought someone home to my parents’ house to try and get some… ugh!

  3. Some guys are just way too bold….and they try to force situations on us thinking that we’ll be ok with it just because we may feel a certain way about them. #nobueno…damn I still respect MYSELF!

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