Homie,Lover, Friend (the remix) – Veronica #5


Everything is going well. RJ and I are back on, I get free food at work, and I found the perfect fall Kors bag. I’m still hangin out with Miguel every week and it’s cool. I try to pretend like I don’t notice the little things he does, like put his hand on the small of my back or go out of his way to pull my chair out. I jus figured we were friends, and that’s why I figured it would be ok for me to get him a bday present. He mentioned that he wanted Mobb Deep’s first album and Illmatic as he’d lost his entire CD collection. I gave them to him at the restaurant last week and he was so happy he hugged me. He looked like a little kid! I didn’t think it was that serious…I assumed his other chicks were giving him gifts, but whatever. When I got home he called me to thank me again. He seems to be a great guy. One night during our long phone boning sessions he briefed me on his ex, his childhood sweetheart. Whatever she did, it made him scared to love and trust again. I always try to keep the mood light because I’ve had my heart broken as well. I never want to hear about heartache or anything, as I still get emotional when I think about the feeling I had when my first love left me. Even though we’re just friends, I want him to trust me as a friend. I don’t want to confuse him, but I like being around him. I enjoy his company and he enjoys mine as well.

At work everyone in the office was out for Hanukkah so I had my music playing and online shopping was in effect. He called to ask what I wanted to do over the weekend, and I said “Eat.duh.” He laughed and replied that he wanted us to cook together- which easily translates into him watching me cook. After we hung up RJ called my cell to ask if I was coming down for my chapter’s probate. As much as I wanted to see him, I wanted space. I didn’t know where we were going and I hate confusion. He noticed that I was somewhat pulling away so he dropped it, but after we hung up his “143” text let me know that he still cared.
Later on that week I went to Miguel’s apt. we hopped in his truck and went grocery shopping. I noticed people staring at us and it made me kind of uncomfortable because they were smiling. Maybe they noticed how he pushed the cart and kept saying “Hey baby, do we need this? Aye boo, do you see anything you want?” As usual I pretended like I didn’t hear any of it. I just got used to hearing it and it did nothing for me, since I knew it didn’t mean anything coming from his bitter ass.

At the register he helped the cashier bag the groceries. I swiped my card in the machine and he said “what do you think you’re doin? I got this!” he looked like I had officially done him wrong! On the way to the car he said “don’t ever do that. when you’re with me, you’re with me. you don’t use your own money. let me take care of it.” oooook I see here we have control issues.
As soon as we got back to the house I immediately started cooking. He threw on the Illmatic CD and we both danced around the kitchen, freestyling to “It Ain’t Hard to Tell.” Next thing I know he grabs me and says “Aye V what you drinking on?” He gets a bottle of Patron and pours us some shots. Next thing I know we’re drunk and falling on each other as I’m trying to put food on our plates. I order him to go sit as I carry the plates to the table. we overhear his neighbors fighting and try to listen. It reminded me of “Baby Boy” so I stand up and yell at Miguel, “Damn I wanna see other niggahs!” Miguel stands up and yells more lines from the movie at me. Turning into a drunk actress, I walk away from the table and act out the rest of the scene. Laughing hysterically, Miguel grabs me and pushes me on the floor. As he falls on top of me, he buries his face in my neck and inhales. I immediately start laughing and push him off. I know it’s just the liquor talking. I go over to the table and down the rest of my strawberry margarita, then step on top of him as I walk to the couch to watch another episode of Gangland. I’m basically drunk but looking at Miguel- he’s trashed. He attempts to sit by me but ends up falling into the sidetable and knocks his glass on the floor. Still laughing, I run into the bathroom as the liquor runs straight through me. We both head to the couch at the same time, but once again he tackles me to the floor. All of a sudden he looks in my eyes and plants the juciest, sexiest kiss on my lips. I feel my back arch as my legs open wide for him! I can’t stop kissing him this feels so good. I suddenly realize I hadn’t had sex in 8 months since I refused to give RJ any booty last time I saw him. There is a river between my legs and I am literally shaking. He whispers in my ear “V I’ve been waiting for this moment, but I just wanted to be sure that you were ready and there wasn’t any pressure because we’re friends.” In my head I’m yelling “shut the fuck up and put it on me now!”
I guess he must have heard me, he pulls off all my clothes and slowly takes his off as I watch. this is the weirdest feeling but I cannot control how sexual I’m feeling at this moment. Suddenly Miguel picks me up and carries me into the bedroom and slowly lowers me to the bed, kissing me the entire time. There is so much passion in his kisses, I’ve already begun to soak his sheets. His mouth is everywhere on me and I am in heaven. Miguel and I were licking, nibbling, kissing, sucking, and rubbing each other incessantly. This is so confusing but nothing else has felt this right in AGES. I’m trembling as he guides my legs open and slides in. Immediately I begin to cry as he lands right on my G-spot. Yahtzee! Within minutes I’m about to come and so is he. I’m screaming, I’m crying, I’m stuttering, and I’m coming over and over! He pulls my hair as his seeds splatter on my thighs. Miguel then crouches to the floor and begins to massage my already throbbing clit with his tongue. Once again I’m exploding. Finally he runs to the bathroom and gets a towel to clean us up. I’m laying in the wet spot in a state of euphoria ..and suddenly I remember where I’m at. I look at Miguel and say “um….” He looks at me and smiles. “V, I don’t know what kind of perfume you have on but everytime I’m around you it just does something to me.” Okay my Armani Code perfume explains why he buried his face in my neck earlier. But where did all of this unexplainable passion and lust come from? I need answers, but first I need more of that island dick! We continue to have this uninterrupted mind-blowing sex for another 4 hours. As we shower together, he explains that “we’re friends, but we have an undeniable chemistry.” I agree but I reached behind me to grab his dick. I really didn’t care to hear what he had to say. All I knew is that I was in love, and I was in love with his island dick. I simply could not get enough. As I loved all over his rod of life with my mouth, I continued to experience the feel of the hot water running over us and his soft, yet strong kisses. I don’t know how we went from friends to lovers that fast. No, he wasn’t the only one thinking about sex. I admit that I had a dream about us in some romantic tropical getaway, getting it on betwixt satin sheets in a canopy-style bed (and then i woke up). As far as I was concerned, we weren’t a couple and would never be. His hurt, bitter ass made it clear that he didn’t want a girlfriend, but if he found someone who he could connect with then he’d give it a shot. I wondered if I was that someone….


~ by A. Nicole on October 21, 2009.

8 Responses to “Homie,Lover, Friend (the remix) – Veronica #5”


  2. Daaaaamn V! I wasn’t ready for this! Miguel “Blew ur back owt! (c) The Best Man. Why aren’t u and this man still dating???

  3. Indeed this is the MEAT that we’ve been waiting for!! He got a brother?! Hook ya’ sis up!

  4. Aoow Aoooooooow!!!! “All a nigga really need is a lil bit..”(c) 50 Cent.. I loved this!! You know this was right up my alley girl.. and like Les said, why aren’t you gyys together??

  5. *weeps*

  6. trapped by that island peen

  7. You know that Island peen will put roots on ya!

  8. that’s exactly what happened. fucker……

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