Monae~Down To Business

My breath caught in my throat as I was surprised that he even answered his phone. For once, I was speechless. “Get it together Mo! He’s a regular person like you!”…isn’t it funny how someone whom you never pictured yourself being interested in, now has the power to make you shy?! “You still there Mo?” he asked in his sexy ass voice full of sleep. My brain began to wander and I started to picture him laying in his bed…boxers only, sheets sprawled, abs warm & him cutely smirking at me with his eyes still closed. “You alright over there?” he asked as he pulled me towards him. I leaned in and that’s when I realized I was falling…out of my damn bed! That snapped me back to reality real quick! “Mo…you straight? What happened?” he asked me again. My thoughts had taken me to a whole different place. Was he really only on the phone this whole time? I felt so embarrassed that he heard me fall! I laughed at myself to ease my own damn tension. “Khoury….hey. Yeah, yeah I’m fine. I’m sorry. Did I wake you? I can always call back tomorrow..” “Dang girl, you’re talkin’ a mile a minute. BREATHE!” he said as he laughed. Oh how my face burned in shame! I’m glad he couldn’t see me. “Don’t hurt ya’ self over there either. You need me to come kiss the bruise you got from fallin’?” I gasped! How in THE world?! My shame then turned into slight pisstivity. “You know what Khoury…..” “Mo, you aren’t gettin’ off this phone with me. I know you want to but I’m not gon’ let you….and I dare you to hang up on me. I’m wide awake now….so talk to me. You called me for a reason right?”

I crawled into the middle of my bed and let out an exasperated breath. I refused to let him get the best of me. My former reason for calling him had all but dissipated now that I’d made a complete fool of myself and his ass wasn’t even physically here but still pulled my card! “I’m waiting Mo..” “Geeez Khoury! Dang! I’m thinking.” He chuckled in the background and I could faintly hear him stretching and re-positioning. Hmmmm how I wish I were in that bed…*snap out of it Mo!* “So you were thinkin’ enough about me to call and think some more while you’re on the phone?” I suppressed the strong urge to open the door to my serious ‘tude….but I had to stop and check myself. Why was I catching an attitude with him? He didn’t call and wake ME up out of MY sleep. He wasn’t the one who still couldn’t come up with two words to say. This was all MY doing! And here he was still waiting on me….I smiled to myself. I really needed an attitude adjustment at times. “Khoury, you…you were just on my mind. I didn’t mean to call this late but I couldn’t sleep. This is all weird to me because…well because this is US. Khoury & Mo. I’m used to playin’ you to the left but then you show up in my life again and now I feel different and I don’t know how to handle it…” Ugh! How’d I go from being speechless to being Motormouth Monae! Damn did I spill too much of my guts too soon? My stomach started fluttering and flipping because he wasn’t saying anything. I just shook my head. Here we go again…

“Fix your face Mo…..I already know you over there all scrunched up real mean like!” By this time I had thrown my phone on the bed and turned it on speaker. I’m glad I live alone. Apollo could sleep through an earthquake so I wasn’t worried about waking him. I focused myself back on this conversation and the fact that Khoury STILL hadn’t responded to my damn near hidden confession. I knew I should’ve kept that mess to myself. Why did I even listen to my brother in the first place? I didn’t need to make room for anything! I was fine…wasn’t I? That’s what I get for listening to a MAN! Soon enough I heard what sounded like him getting out of his bed. At this point, I was ready to get off the phone. What seemed like 3 hours of me waiting for him to respond was really only a minute or two. I know I have a tendency to overreact but the least he could’ve said was, “I hear you” or “You know…I feel the same way.” Ha! Wishful thinking. “Ok well, Khoury I’ll let you go now.” I said reluctantly. “I wanna see you.” he said. STOP THE MUSIC! My head tilted as to say, “Did I hear you correctly?” “Khoury it’s late…what are…” “Mo…I know what time it is and I still wanna see you. What’s the address?” Now hold up! I don’t know how I felt about his take charge of Mo attitude…”I have a response to what you shared but I’d rather tell you in person. I wanna see your reaction….I wanna be able to tell what you’re feeling…or maybe I just wanna hug you before I go back to bed.”  Boy was I blushing hard by then! I gave him directions to the house and he said he’d be here within 30 minutes. I bit down on my lip in anxiety….what am I getting myself into!? I guess there was only one way to find out…


~ by Monae on November 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Monae~Down To Business”

  1. see, now i like a man who KNOWS what he wants and isn’t afraid to show it.

    Yahtzee(i hope)!!!!!

  2. Oooohh. This is getting good! I like his take-charge attitude. Get it!

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