“Disappearing Acts”- Veronica #10

Spring is here, and spring in New York City is amazing. I spent more time hanging out in the city, hanging out with Malik, and taking vocal classes. This particular weekend was my uncle’s birthday and we were having a dinner party for him at the house. After moving out, I realized that my aunt really needed me around so I did my best to stop by the house as often as I could. That week she asked me to come over early on Saturday to help cook. As usual I obliged, but then I realized this would be the first time I would see Miguel in three months. It wasn’t a huge deal, but 3 months is a long time. I packed a bag and drove down to Queens early Saturday. After 5 hours of cooking Caribbean food, I went upstairs to take my shower and get dressed for the occasion. By the time I was finished, it was a packed house.

I hugged everyone, including Miguel, and went straight to the kitchen to start serving the food. While everyone ate, I sat on the couch out of sheer exhaustion. Miguel and his mom sat next to me, complimenting me on my fine cooking. After Miguel was done he got up and said, “Babe can I get you anything? You haven’t eaten yet.” I closed my eyes and told him I wasn’t hungry. I thought to myself, did he just say “BABE?” Oh boy, here we go.

I finally forced myself to eat a small plate of arroz con gandules and bistec, but I was very tired. I later saw Miguel sitting in the den by himself as I went upstairs to find my phone charger. As I came back down, he stopped me and said “Hey I got my new car finally!” I smiled and said “That’s wonderful, what did you get?” Miguel got up and grabbed my hand and led me outside. Before I could even close the door behind me, it began raining bullets out of nowhere. We ran to his car and hurried inside. He purchased a 3 year old Lexus, and he was proud of it, finally getting rid of that 2000 Jeep!! #upgrade

All of a sudden, he starts the car and pulls off. I yelled “What the hell are you doing?” He smiled and said “Let’s go to the bar around the corner and get a drink.” I had no phone, no ID, no purse, no coat, no umbrella and he decides to kidnap me. After driving down Queens Blvd he pulled over on Jamaica Ave and said “V, you went to college so I know you can help me figure out this dayum GPS.” Me being the technology geek that I am, I showed him how to operate and program it within 5 minutes. Miguel stared at me and said, “See this is why I keep you around, you always take care of shyt.”

Keep me around? Really? Once again, I ignored his comments. He pulled over at the liquor store and asked me what I wanted. I couldn’t think of anything so I said that it was his executive decision. He walked around to my side of the car and said “Baby I’m asking you what you want.” I rolled my eyes and said “Miguel, who cares? We’ve been MIA for 30 minutes, let’s just get back to the house.”

He comes back out with a bottle of 99 Bananas. We look at each other and laugh hysterically at his choice. I said “Out of all the things you could find, you get a bum’s liquor? Are we bums now?” We laughed and joked all the way back to the house. But that was the thing with Miguel, we might have had gaps in our friendship but it always seemed like we’d never fallen off once we DID return to each other. We just had that undeniable strong connection, and I hated that I had to pretend like he didn’t exist when we were away from each other.

When we got back to the house it was raining, but not as hard. His cousins were leaving, so they were the first ones to see us return. They kissed us goodbye and got in their car. No one asked us where we’d run off to, which was kinda weird. We made our little drinks, and his mom even joined us for a quick wino cocktail. Everyone soon began to leave, but he stayed around to talk to me. He enrolled in classes and would begin in the fall, so he was hoping I’d be kind enough to tutor him. Initially I hesitated, but if he ignores me for 3 months again knowing he needs a tutor, then that’s not really my problem. I gave him a side eye and agreed to help him whenever I could. He kissed me on the cheek and whispered that he’d call me. After he left his mom looked at me and said “Well what the hell was that? I see you’re startin to come around, little girl. Get you a man!” I refused to even look in her direction, so I just went to the kitchen to wrap up the leftovers and find a moment alone.

That night I was so happy to get home and relax in my own space. The next day I did a few loads of laundry and gave myself a pedicure, loving my me time.He ended up calling me that night, asking what I was doing. He told me I should pack an overnight bag and head over to his place. So what do you think I did?

~ by A. Nicole on December 1, 2009.

3 Responses to ““Disappearing Acts”- Veronica #10”

  1. Men always try and sneak back into your life w/o acknowledging the elephant in the room. Three months and he acts like it was the day after…but it’s always easy to pick right back up! Oh and don’t be knocking the 99 bananas…that’s my ‘ish!

  2. Hmmmm…I think you went. A connection like that is hard to ignore.

  3. Very true………

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