Jayde: An Introduction

When I was seven I sat and planned out my whole life.  I knew what career I would possess, my five children’s names and the house I’d live in.  The one thing I didn’t know was the man who’d be accompanying me on this journey or how I’d actually get everything that I desired.  As I grew older I realized life never plays out the way we plan.  I’ve always believed in setting goals but in the last couple years, but due to several reasons I just haven’t been able to make them come true.

The name is Jayde and currently I’m hiding out in the country town of Gainesville, home of the Gators, until I figure out my life’s purpose with God’s help.  My parents hail from Trinidad and Grenada, which leaves me with a lot of attitude and a hot temper. That attitude has led to a lot of the fights with men over the years.  I tend to hold my cool for a long time and then just blow up.  I’m what you can call a ticking bomb.

My grandma always told me that you’re supposed go to college to find a husband.  When I touched down in Gainesville I had no idea what to expect.  I dated guys from school and knew that I could never find my husband there, with UF being the #1 party school.  With time passing, two years to be exact, my graduation day passed without me.  Although I’m pushing twenty-five and I’m degreeless, husbandless but not hopeless.  There is still time for my husband to find me and to obtain my degree.

A couple years ago I realized that the dating game was not for me and I was ready to settle down.  I had met the man who I thought would be my prince charming but things quickly began to go downhill. I fell in love with a man and he asked me to marry him.  I actually felt like things were coming together but he’s gone and I’m back to being single. In the past eleven months I’ve gone from an “it’s complicated” relationship to counting down the two weeks to my wedding day.  As you’ll see the side he’s on is one with visitation rooms, barbwire and group showers.  Like I said life doesn’t play out the way we plan.

Three months later I’m single and hesitant about mingling.  Where’s my fairy godmother to show me the yellow brick road that will lead me to Emerald City, my dream career and Prince Charming?

To be continued…


~ by engagedtothesystem on December 7, 2009.

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