Corey: An Introduction

I should’ve listened to Forrest Gump when he told me about that damned box of chocolates. He told me I’d never know what I’m going to get, and yet, I continued to pick the nastiest ones outside of the box- you know, the chocolates that end up thrown away because no one will eat them? And every time I get a painful ass cavity. So goes my luck with dating.

I am Corey,  a 27 year old single father who lives to be as happy as possible because tomorrow is promised to no one. To explain myself in one word- unorthodox. I enjoy a good cocktail and intelligent conversation as much as I do cartoon network and cooking. I’m definitely a child at heart, but I can definitely handle business as quickly as I enjoy my leisure time. I’m a Yankee by birth, but raised down south. I’m very optimistic, and I try to spread the wealth with all of my friends by helping them however I can.

I spent the better part of the last decade in Texas, between school and professionally. Along with the already taxing responsibilities of single parenthood, I worked seventy-hour weeks in the corporate monster, managing 100 people directly out of undergrad. If you considered the hour or two of time while my kid was sleeping and I should have been sleeping, I completely lost track of myself. My smiles began to become frowns and I grew considerably more skeptical of things. I was now officially my own evil twin.

The best thing that could have ever happened to me was getting that acceptance letter from the Rollins College MBA Program. I chunked the deuce at corporate and came home to Orlando, FL. I have the help of my parents here, and more importantly, I can focus on myself. And so I have. I’ve been active in both of my frats, busy reconnecting with old networks and just becoming a person again. My family and friends tell me that I’m a success story straight from an inspirational novel. I guess that makes my love life a tragic comedy.

My son’s mother and I, college sweethearts, could not withstand the issues of a long distance relationship and my taxing professional schedule. Since my son’s birth, we have been on and off over and over again more times than the Celtics have championships.  Most of the love we have for each other was eclipsed by constant arguing. The end of our relationship shattered all of my beliefs in what love is. We parted ways, and still have been fairly good friends, as long as we kept away from romantic premises.

And scattered amongst the failure of my only long-lasting relationship outside of college are dating fails. I tried any means to find and date good women, and each moment was a disaster. The most Ironic thing is that I give my friends great relationship advice and they flourish. Fuck. My. Life.

If anything, I invite you to follow me as I reflect on my initial dating fails in Texas and gradually head towards my new life in Florida. I’m gonna pick through this box of chocolates again. I’ll be damned to  continue to pick up the shit-filled pieces this time.

~ by dtony1 on December 22, 2009.

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