Corey, Post#1: Three Damn Months…

It took me three agonizing months to realize that I was actually single. I never accepted the fact that Cassandra was still dating. You see, Cassandra is my college sweetheart, and my son’s mother. It was a Kodak moment-Movie-What the hell are the chances that we met and fell in Love type thing. Our relationship flourished flawlessly through college, and I started working for Valero in Houston. We conceived our son Elijah sometime while I was training, and I was ready to marry her as soon as I was placed. Since neither of us had family in the H, she stayed in Dallas with her mom and sister. But in the midst of work, very few visits and drama, we crashed and burned. But that’s a topic for another posting.

With the background of emotional pleasantries set, I digress. Here I was, alone in Houston, TX with a few of my frat bruhs and sorors, but no family. My best friend and resident drunk Angie was still in Orlando and she was boo’d up something serious. What made things worse for me was that she called me for relationship advice all the time. The more I helped Angie with her dating woes, the more pissed off I’d get at Cassandra. How could she fuck around and leave me for some other guy?! Especially a wack dude like HIM. I knew Cassandra’s affection that was once mine was another guy’s now, but it just never freaking processed.  And I was alone.

But let’s look on the bright side, right? I was single again, and living the way that so many single brothas coveted. I worked from a home office making well over the average that a new college grad should, I had a brand new car, and I could do whatever the hell I wanted. Shoot, the bruhs and my best friends were an hour away at Prarie View, my alma mater. A woman’s dream: A single man who pays all his bills, successful, AND And best of all, I could start dating right? Not exciting.


Meeting new women was like walking across burning coals to me- Naw, worse: staring at a huge plate of chitlins with nothing else to eat. Oh, some people love them but at the same time, they stink and I could never get passed the the fact they’re intestines. Ugh. Getting to learn a completely new woman? Good God. That is definitely a time consuming ordeal. I wear my heart on my sleeve, so it takes me a long time to open up to a girl. I do more preparation than Bill Bellicheck. I’d be damned to get my feelings hurt to meet someone who is going to screw me over.

Getting yo Jodie on Comes at a Price...

Then there was option 2: Becoming a man-whore. Getting my Jodie-Jo on. Cuttin these girls, send ‘em on their way, no emotions included. Not an option either. This option would alleviate the drought that I was going to, but It would come at a price. Man I needed some damn play, but my conscience would never allow me to do it anyway.

So we are at option 3: Just say fuck it all and make sweet love to my Xbox. Solo Dolo. But I know that lonliness would catch up to me eventually. With Elijah with his mom in Dallas and I alone with only work responsibilities, I was left with some serious idle time- The devil’s playground. I knew that if I didn’t take the agonizing steps to start dating, This Cassandra dating shit would consume me and I would just be bitter.

But as I began to take those steps out of my comfort zone, my cell phone buzzed. It was Reina. I hadn’t talked to her in years, and we briefly dated at PV. Turns out, she lived an Hour away in Beaumont and was coming to Houston for a conference, and asked me if we could meet for drinks. I quickly replied Y-E-S. And back into my comfort zone I went.

…And so began the series of dating fails…

Soundtrack to post 1: Jill Scott: Slowly, Surely

~ by dtony1 on December 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Corey, Post#1: Three Damn Months…”

  1. lol i am scurred of you frat lol
    back away from the xbox…

  2. If only being single could be as fun as they show it in the movies! Moving on and starting over is a second job!

  3. Being single on some Sex and the City shyt is NOT real life. We all can relate on this one!

  4. “So I made Sweet love to my XBOX” LMAO!!!! GNR

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