“We Can’t Be Friends”-Veronica #13

Well I know all my readers are hoping that I have other interests besides RJ and Miguel, and here’s the case of the first jackass.

Anthony is the best friend of my cousin Renee. Apparently Anthony had been lusting after me ever since he saw family photos at Renee’s house while we were all in middle school. For whatever reason, I didn’t meet him until sophomore year in high school. After meeting him at his championship basketball game, I knew I was very attracted to him: 6’4, brown skin, long cornrows, and all that work on the court and in the gym dayum sure paid off.

We were both young and somewhat shy, but we knew we liked each other. Even though I saw Renee quite often, I didn’t see Anthony again until our senior year. We hung out quite a bit, went to six flags with Renee and enjoyed our time together. I snuck out of my aunt’s house at 2am to see him before my mom and I left in the morning, and we shared a long, passionate kiss. I knew he had a girlfriend and I didn’t care, but I still knew I had feelings that would have to be ignored. We kept in contact throughout college even though he stayed with his girlfriend for two more years. He would always come to my aunt’s house whenever I was in town to see me, so my family knew something was up. Renee was pretty much caught in the middle, trying to figure out when the two of us would get together. We never got together because we were never single at the same time.

Fastforward to today – 7 years later. Since moving back to the tri-state, I hung out with Renee and the family quite often. Anthony was now living with his new girlfriend and her daughter. With Anthony it was always a matter of “what if,” but I respected their relationship.Yes, he was still coming by Renee’s house to see me whenever I was in town, which was sometimes twice a month. I started getting annoyed by how he had no regard for his girlfriend, but I couldn’t really help those feelings and that dayum curiosity. Anthony knew that if him and his girlfriend broke up, there was always the possibility of US. All of that would soon change……

Renee told me that recently he proposed to his girlfriend but was adamant about me not knowing, not sure why. I accepted the fact that Anthony and I would never be together, but apparently he hadn’t. We remained in contact, and I pretended that I did not know of his plan to marry. I would ask him why he was still with her but he’d just say “nah, she’s cool.” I would ask if he was happy and he would never flat out say YES, so I didn’t know what to think. I was just glad that I was not HER, but I also had no intentions on being the other woman.
As Renee and I spoke on the phone last week, we each received a text message from him. Renee’s message said “I’m about to tell Veronica that I’m getting married on Friday, I never thought it would be this hard.” My message from him said “Aye yo V I gotta tell you something, I MIGHT be getting married this weekend in Jamaica, it was a last minute idea.”
No the FUCK he did not.
He proposed six months ago, are you serious? Renee was in shock that he lied about it, but I didn’t want him to think that Renee betrayed his trust by telling me his secret. Men don’t just wake up and say “I’ma marry her,” so even if Renee never told me, I still would’ve known it was a lie.

After I got off work he called me to try to explain himself but I was not hearing it. Within minutes I lost all attraction to him, and I had no idea what was to come next. “So V, I was thinking, this is our last chance. So I say we get a room before I go to Jamaica this week, what do you say? I’d rather be with you than to fuck a stripper or have a bachelor party, so lets make this happen.”


Do I have stupid written across my forehead? I screamed those exact sentiments in the phone. I then proceeded to ask him why he would want to fuck any other woman other than his fiancé before his wedding, especially a woman whom he has feelings for. He said “I’m not sure, I can’t answer- but I know that I’ll be faithful to her when I’m married.” FUCK OFF MY PHONE.

Renee and I were both irate about his proposition, but I figured it would be better for me to just pretend that Anthony and his proposition did NOT exist. I was sooo done. I just can never understand why men can’t be satisfied with what they HAVE at home? Jeesh. Once again, I’m on my bitter shyt. Leave a message at the beep. *sigh*


~ by A. Nicole on December 27, 2009.

6 Responses to ““We Can’t Be Friends”-Veronica #13”

  1. U can’t “kinda” make a decision with getting married, why even say that?

    The concept of “sewing your oats” is a shame. If he’s happy enough to marry her, the lost opportunity with u shouldn’t be a big deal.

    Frankly I feel bad for his bride. He was clearly lying to the both of you simultaneously. She may have to live with his lying for the rest of her life.

  2. yo for real? i am done i have no words for this bitchassness….

  3. I’m so done with men getting married and telling other people about their wives like they don’t want them or want to be with them!
    He is so full of crap how does he figure he’s gonna be faithful to her when they’re married but right now a couple days before he can’t?!?
    I don’t want my man doubting his love for me. I would like him to know.

  4. and see, the sad part is that this story isn’t even over……smh

  5. 0_O WTF! i can”t believe this guy’s audacity… I would of ended up slapping him upside his daamn head for this crap!

  6. The saddest part?? No one seems to see that the reason that men continue to do this is because there are women out there that allow them to do so. I’ve been loving your stories V, but this one is trife. You knew he had a girl to begin with and still did what you did, why shouldn’t he proposition you with that idea? I would expect nothing more or less, it was the situation the two of you created.

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