Jayde – My Girl Got a Girlfriend…keep wishing – Post #2

Now women are always getting crap for being shady creatures and cheating with their boyfriends’ best friend.  But what about the men that do their best friends wrong?

Adrian and met Damien, his best friend when they were teenagers, well Adrian was a teenager.  Adrian and Damien are seven years apart but the age hasn’t mattered.  I had never met a guy with such a close male friend.  I always felt some type of way about Damien.  Damien and my friend, Trina, started dating while he had a girlfriend, don’t ask.  She fell in love with him and that made me resent Damien even more for having a girlfriend and having my friend in love with him.  Every time I saw him it reminded me of the way Adrian used to be.  Adrian had been that dog, that male whore and seeing Damien brought it all back.

I decided to enjoy my singledom and step out on a Saturday night.  Everyone knows Gainesville is a small city where everyone knows everyone.  Me going out made people realize that I was really single and moving on.  After the club the guys started coming from everywhere stating they “heard” I was back in the game.  News travels so fast! I saw a red Dodge Magnum drive by and then it reversed and stopped in front of me.  In it was Damien, smiling.  I’m there wondering what he’s smiling at, maybe it was the leather (all pleather) tight I had on? Either way with the liquor in my system I knew I should walk away.  I said my “Hi” and “Goodbye” and walked off.

*Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down*  I roll over and wonder who the hell is texting me at 330 in the morning?!? Oh…wow…Damien.  What in the world does he have to say that is so important?

“Hey, you sleep?”

Is he serious?! You text me 330am to ask if I’m sleep? I text back and let him know I am.  He says he wants to talk to me because he has something he needs to tell me, “a secret”.  I let him know I’m free Sunday and we can speak then.  *Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down* Really now…WTF? I look at my clock 4am.  Ok, now I’m pissed.  He says he wants to stop over before he goes by my friend’s house to tell me his secret.  At this point I’m intrigued to know what secret he has that I can’t tell Adrian or Trina, my friend.  I tell him go ahead and stop by.  I roll over and go back to sleep.

Damien didn’t come that night but Sunday he was back texting me about his secret.  He finally showed up Sunday afternoon and kept beating around the bush.  I’m not one to play games, you have something to say just say it.  He keeps saying “What do you think it can be if you can’t tell Adrian or Trina?” Now I can only think of one thing but I don’t wanna jump to conclusions.  So he finally came out and said it….

“Wondering if you wanted to have a threesome with Trina and I, but first just me”

Seriously, I just can’t.  This has got to be a joke.  *blank stare* I didn’t respond right after because I didn’t know what to say.  Now before reality set in I was happy for a minute because it was some new peen but damn reality dropped in and I realized it was Damien.  Mother fucking Damien!  The idiocy of him to think I’d accept, much less the fact that I’m his best friend’s ex.  I guess it goes to show all is fair in love and war!

Adrian called and I accepted.  I just had to tell him what his so-called “best friend” tried to pull.  Adrian was pissed but what can you do from a prison cell? Adrian said tell Damien he wants to speak with him.  I told Damien Adrian said when he gets a chance come over because he wants to know his secret also.  That was the last time Damien called, texted, or came over.

Now to tell Trina…maybe not!


~ by engagedtothesystem on December 28, 2009.

6 Responses to “Jayde – My Girl Got a Girlfriend…keep wishing – Post #2”

  1. now see, this that bullshit. does trina even know about this threesome? smh. i would never! i don’t care how fine he is, i’ve never been attracted to someone so completely off limits. ohhh lawd. i can see this shyt hitting the fan real soon

  2. *blank stare*
    yo is dude for real?! wow
    i am done just done

  3. WHO the fcuk requests some sh*t like that and thinks it’s ok!? He’s schizo…he’s gotta be! That’s so damn TRIFE!

  4. I still can’t believe he really had the nerve to step to me like that!

  5. HAHAHAHA! @ that Hills Pic!! DO u think u’ll ever tell Trina?

  6. Well Madme J,
    Sex is really a coloring book and mean keep trying to color woman DIRTY… How could Adrian do his Boy that way? Are there really anymore good men out there? Then again remember no 3some can ever be acheived without that 3rd person. I wouldnt be suprised if Trina already knew or has brought it up to Adrian. People’s boats float differently… be Careful the tide doesnt pull you in messing up your voyage and leaving you ship wrecked…

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