Monae~Is the Heart REALLY Deceitful?


I sat at my vanity primping until I felt as though my look was perfect! Hell, I damn near shut the mall down trying to find a decent ensemble for the Christmas party that so conveniently slipped my mind.  *Side eye*  Nonetheless, whatever funk I was in had completely dissipated once I took a full look at myself. I WAS BACK IN FULL GLAM EFFECT! I looked good and I felt good about tonight. Mary J. Blige’s “Good Love” was blasting from my Ipod speakers as I gathered the rest of my items in my clutch. Earlier while still speed shopping, I gathered enough nerve to call Khoury, briefly apologize for my wayward actions and invite him to be my date….all in one breath. I was ready for him to blow me off but surprisingly he AGREED and offered to pick me up. So here I am, dressed to kill….I swear all I need is a bow so he could unwrap ME. I grabbed his gift and headed downstairs. As if on cue, my doorbell rang and my heart rate increased. “Pull it together Mo…don’t mess this up again!”. The scent of  “Flora” by Gucci emanated around me. Confident in my vibe, I opened the door and my mouth dropped….

He was striking a pose underneath my lamppost….and I broke out into the widest grin of surprise. “You cut your hair!?!?!” I exclaimed while involuntarily reaching up to rub my hand across his head. “A lot can happen in two weeks Mo. I’m sure you know that right?” I smirked at him good humoredly as I gathered my things. Damn was it just me or did he get even better looking?!!? He was dressed to impress in all black everything accentuating his look with a gold tie and gold cuff links…coincidence my friends or just in tune with my great taste??? As we headed to his car, I could feel his eyes on me. I had my hand out to get in until he stopped me. Turning to look at him with questioning eyes, he replied, “I’d like if you would let me be a gentleman and get this door for you.” Why does he have me blushing?! I stepped aside and let him do his thing. I slid in gracefully and prayed to God I didn’t fall or snag anything. Whatever he was wearing had me clenching my legs together extra tight. I did NOT need this type of pressure tonight! As we rode, the subject of ‘the incident’ did not surface. We laughed a lot and I kept sneaking glances at him. He looked so incredibly handsome and I felt myself wanting to…just DO SOMETHING! Clearly that was the inner whore in me talking. He kept asking what was in the box but I didn’t oblige and only said he’d have to wait until midnight. I wanted to be in his company as long as possible! He told me his drastic hair cut was a result of a recent promotion he’d just obtained. He wanted to be more marketable. Mmm, mmm, MMM! Smart and sexy with aspirations. Could he be more right for me?

We finally pulled up to my soror’s  house and it  seemed as though we arrived in good time. There were cars everywhere and many people were outside mingling about. Before I could even make my way out of the car, Khoury grabbed my hand. “Don’t tell me you’re nervous?” I asked jokingly. “You can’t be serious Mo…never that! I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to be with you. That’s all. Chill out!” He laughed and stepped out of his car to come around and open my door. Yep…I planned to make tonight GREAT! I make introductions once inside. He seemingly made fast friends as well. My soror began fishing for information but I didn’t feel the need to indulge. I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself. I felt comfortable enough to leave Khoury so that I could catch up with my friends from undergrad. A couple of hours had passed and I noticed one chick in particular giving him the serious eye most of the night. Oh yes, I’m observant like that! She thought she was being subtle but eventually she was damn near fused next to his side. I watched her ask him a question and suddenly her face dropped and she embraced him with such familiar fierceness that enhanced my aggravation with her…..WTF!?

“Scuse me?! My facial expressions tell it all. I watched them for a few minutes….she kept laughing and touching his arm. The caress of his face was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. “Mo…don’t cause a scene. Remember he’s not your man.” “Yeah he’s not my man but damn, this heffa is two seconds away from practically jumpin’ his bones!” Not on my got damn watch! I made my way to where they were and boldly stated, “So are you enjoying yourself Khoury?” while I stared directly at her. Don’t get me wrong guys, I’m not confrontational like that….ok so I am just a li’l but maybe that was just the fire I needed up under my ass! He slid his arm around my waist the moment I got to his side. “Shaunie, I want you to meet my good friend Monae.” I thought to myself, “Shaunie? The hell type name is that? She was born a damn shone!” There was no way she could hide that side eye. She forced a smile and uttered, “Charmed.” Soon after he leaned over to whisper, “Thanks for saving me …can I talk to YOU now? Away from the crowd?” I instantly felt goosebumps. We walked away from a stone faced Shaunie and headed outside near his car. “Mo…before you start….” “No, Khoury wait. Who am I to question you? We’re just friends right?” He tilted his head in that cute way and pulled me closer to him into an embrace that had me seeing stars and feeling lightheaded….”This is what I’ve been waiting for Mo…..don’t ever let it go two weeks with no word from you. I’m not trying to be your friend. I missed you…” Time seemed to stop as he held me closer, tighter and I melted like butter on toast… I follow my heart?!!?!

~ by Monae on December 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Monae~Is the Heart REALLY Deceitful?”

  1. awww…..i say follow your heart….*sniffs*

  2. We all have a little whore in us from time to time lol. Follow your heart b/c later you might regret it if you don’t!

  3. yea…..go ahead and let that inner whore out!!!

  4. You better follow that heart girl!!

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