Jayde – Up To No Good – Post #3

So here I was arguing with Trina about her “man” and how big of an ass he was.  I knew my good intentions would backfire.  I was just trying to be the friend that I’d want someone to be to me. Ha! Females these days!

It all started when Adrian suggested being a good friend was telling Trina about Damien.  Trina and I went on a lunch break to a local sushi restaurant and I let her know we needed to speak.  I laid it all out, the texts, him coming to the apartment, and the secret.  I expected her to freak out when I told her about the threesome but she just sat there.  I thought maybe she didn’t hear me so I repeated it.  She said she heard me and asked what did I say to Damien.  Seriously?!? She proceeded to ask if I was interested in the threesome. *looks around for Candid Camera*

"You're on Candid Camera"

This had to be a joke!

Trina said Damien and her discussed finding someone for a threesome because his birthday was coming up.  She said she’d rather do it with someone she knew instead of one of his ex’s.  This was all a scene from Carl Weber’s book Up to No Good and I wasn’t going to have any part in it! I tried to be as friendly in my response…HELL NO!  Trina got mad saying I should be flattered because she wanted me?!  I told her I had to go back to work and left it at that.

On my way back to work Damien calls.  Ugh.  Damien said I thought I was going to ruin what him and Trina had but that she knew all along…that made it worse!  I was upset with Trina for suggesting me.  I couldn’t believe she’d tell him that I would consider the threesome.  I remind myself that this is the second time I’ve dealt with this from Trina.  Trina’s ex tried the same game.  Is this the new thing going around?

I swear the next man I meet won’t end up having my permission to cheat.


~ by engagedtothesystem on January 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Jayde – Up To No Good – Post #3”

  1. When “down for whatever” goes too far!

  2. Why the hell is Trina so ok about this?? The fact that she even suggested you is grounds for her friendship contract to be terminated indefinitely. Who knows what other kinky shit she had in mind for the both of you. Who in their right mind would willingly be down to share their man?!

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