“Can’t Let Her Go” – Veronica #15

At this point I’d gotten used to being alone. I occasionally longed for that “kiss on a collarbone,” but it was okay that I was without. I was having problems at work, so my main focus was trying to stay on my boss’ good side. I continued to spend free time with my friends and family, so life wasn’t actually all that bad.

It’s been a month since Andre, 4 months since Malik, and 6 months since Miguel. Drought ain’t EVEN the word. I just got my membership to the Cobweb Club in the mail. I had my 25th birthday last week, so at least my mother came up for the entire week to take my mind off of men. I was happy that RJ made sure to call for my birthday, just hearing his voice caused a loud squeal and a quickened heartbeat. Only he can do that……..and he’s so far away. We’d recently had the discussion of a lifetime, promising to rebuild everything from the ground up. If anything, he was my future. I was very surprised Miguel didn’t call, especially since his mom reminded him of my birthday (she told me). Guess that friendship is over.

I decided to get my miserable ass out the bed early Sunday morning and enjoy the last bit of my weekend. I began cleaning my apartment from top to bottom, blasting 80s music as usual. I went over to Mexican Radio for lunch with my sorority sister, only to get an unexpected text message. Yes, Miguel’s ass wanted to know how my birthday went, followed by an apology for not acknowledging my day ON the day. I shut my phone off and exhaled. What a jerk. I know when he’s lying. He wasn’t THAT busy on my birthday. I know exactly where he was, home! His mama told me! Immediately my sister knew what had just come up. She ordered another round of raspberry margaritas. I gladly took the drink, but there was no way I’d let him get me angry or upset. At this point, there’s nothing he can do for me. Nah homie, we don’t have to be friends. Let’s just be cordial at family events because I HAVE to see you. Let’s just move on, completely.

As usual my ass spoke too dayum soon. Time for my aunt’s infamous birthday dinner at the Cuban restaurant down the street. I wore a cute sundress with a cardigan and platform heels for the occasion, prepared for my photo op. My aunt and I ordered some pina coladas until the rest of the family arrived. Everyone was here but Miguel, he may have had to work. As the dinner continued, we prepared to order dessert when my cousin Joey stood and looked towards the door. I was deep in conversation about the pina coladas with my aunt until I realized that Miguel brought a date to the dinner. My aunt sat there like a frozen brick, wondering who this woman was. I looked quickly and looked away, continuing to sip my frozen drink. His guest smiled and sat at the table as Miguel went around the room to hug everyone. Miguel planted a firm kiss on my cheek and whispered, “hey mami” in my ear. I forced my eyes not to roll upon hearing those used-to-be terms of endearment. I noticed that he hadn’t even taken the time to introduce her, so she must not be of importance. Judging by her Ed Hardy shirt, she was neither important nor fashionable. I laughed loudly to myself.

Despite their interaction, she was uncomfortable. They definitely had a sexual or intimate relationship based on how comfortable they were in each other’s private spaces. I continued to laugh, wondering if Miguel had thought this through. Joey and I continued exchanging jokes with my uncle for the remainder of the night. Miguel ordered a pitcher of Sangria, and offered some to everyone before pouring her glass. He asked me three times if I wanted some, so I finally had my glass passed down so he could fill it and shut up. I thanked him for my drink and he said “yea I know how you like your sangria with extra fruit.” Then he winked. HUH????? I continued eating my lobster and shrimp paella until I noticed Miguel standing by my chair, talking to his mom. He then leaned in and whispered, “so what’s good, you good?” I leaned back and said, “I’m fine.” He was just determined to breathe all over my neck and inhale my Armani perfume. He finally went to sit down next to his date. She still was looking around like a foster child. I kinda felt bad for her that he didn’t have the decency to introduce her to the family. Before I knew it, dinner was over and I was putting on my coat. I went back to the house with my aunt and hung out for a bit.

I drove home, thinking about what just happened. I was confused as to why he would bring another woman around knowing that I would be there. I wondered if he wanted something to pop off, as in me and my temper. I would like to think that he should know that I’m classy enough to not ruin his mother’s birthday dinner over some chick with cornrows and an Ed Hardy tshirt. At the end of the day, he probably just wanted to see my reaction to him and another girl. I think I would care more if that girl was actually his type; but seeing as how Miguel was all over me during our hug goodbye, I knew that would not be the end of Miguel. Unfortunately.


~ by A. Nicole on January 12, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Can’t Let Her Go” – Veronica #15”

  1. Not Ed Hardy at the family dinner! No wonder she didn’t get introduced. Miguel needs to make up his mind….one day he’s all over you like white on rice and next week he’s playing you to the left like some unwanted brussel sprouts.

  2. Guess he’ll try again because you did not give him the reaction he was looking for!

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