“Hasta Que Te Conoci” – Veronica #17

I sat in a daze for about 5 minutes, until I felt my phone vibrating. It was Miguel, asking if I was coming or not so he could have dinner ready. I told him I was packing my overnight bag, and to give me 30 minutes. I knew exactly why I was going over there: closure. I just needed a way out. I don’t like excuses, but then again I didn’t have any as to why I was going over there. I yearned for the release of my sexual frustrations and the warmth of his embrace, yet I no longer yearned for Miguel. He’d become almost a faceless being to me. He could’ve changed his face to mirror that of Michael Jackson’s and I still wouldn’t flinch.

I’m pretty sure Miguel couldn’t say the same for me, as I walked into his dimly lit apartment with the smell of herbed salmon and jasmine rice cooking. He hadn’t gone through much trouble, yet I did notice that he REMEMBERED. He hugged me when I came in, handing me a glass of Moet. I felt a strange feeling come over me, as if something was telling me to turn around. I sat at the table as he placed my plate in front of me and carried his plate to his seat next to me. I picked at my food silently, watching GoodFellas on tv. He eventually started asking me questions, which later led to us laughing and joking for a bit.

After eating we took our glasses to the couch and watched the rest of the movie. I sat next to him with a 2 ton weight in the bottom of my stomach. Towards the end of the movie he took my glass from my hand and downed the champagne. He placed the empty glass on the end table and led me to the bedroom.

We stood next to his bed, kissing slowly until he laid me down among the mass of pillows. Yes there was a slight sensation of passion, yet I felt my mind becoming distant. Usually he could send me to a climax in a matter of minutes, but it just was not in me tonight. I was able to release my tension, yet my mind was still in the clouds. He was still faceless and heartless to me. I felt our connection fading, and that was fine. I kissed harder, hoping he could sense the emotions behind letting someone go. It only intensified him, so I realized I was stuck. He was just not willing to let me go.

After we finished I took a shower. He watched as I pinned my hair up in the full length closet mirror. I pretended as if I didn’t notice his stare, mainly because I didn’t want him to think that I cared. He stared at my frame until I climbed in bed next to him. He scooted a little closer to me and actually put his hand on my ass. As soon as I felt his hand, I jumped up and got a glass of water from the kitchen. I drank half and handed the rest to him. Within minutes I was fast asleep.

The next morning I dressed for work. As usual, he watched me get dressed in the mirror with this look of infatuation and admiration. I carried my pumps to the living room so I could get dressed without two beady brown eyes staring at my backside. He ended up following me, asking if I wanted breakfast. Absolutely not. I grabbed my bag and told him I would see myself out. I knew that wouldn’t be the last time I would see him, but I took it for what it was – an empty fuck.


~ by A. Nicole on January 25, 2010.

3 Responses to ““Hasta Que Te Conoci” – Veronica #17”

  1. I wish I could do that…screw a guy then just leave in the morning like it was nothing. *ahem*

  2. Been there girlie 🙂 keep walking dont look back…

  3. Miguel, Miguel, Miguel…..I hate that he can’t make up his mind but likes to keep his nose in YOUR business as though he’s entitled to. Been there, done that, wrong a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes….”You give and you give..but you never seem to get back in return…what you give..” I’m sure you know the rest. Miguel isn’t the lifetime love. Kick rocks!

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