Monae~Sweetest Hangover…

My days were spent reminiscing… early is too early to be in love?? Ok, ok, ok……let me slow down a bit. I may be giving you all just a bit too much here. Maybe I’m in love with the idea of being in love. Yet, the feelings that I’m experiencing are urging me to expect more of……do I give in to these urges and let this man catch me? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t falling……and hard at that! The weekend we spent together released a myriad of emotions between  us that neither knew were even capable of existing. Being that we’ve both hurt each other intentionally over the years….HURT people HURT people. Nonetheless I believe in second chances…..and since Maurice had damn near laid all his cards on the line, I decided to put myself back in the game. I only prayed and hoped that I was dealing the right hand this time around.

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When I arrived in North Carolina, he was waiting at the airport with a huge smile and mysterious gleam in his eye. I was already extremely nervous at the uncertainty…..what could he possibly have in store for us this weekend? As soon as I could open my mouth to say “Hey”, he was hugging me…..whispering in my ear about how glad he was that I’d made the trip. He smelled of Acqua di Gio and my heart fluttered a bit as I let myself relax in his arms. I felt like Whitney Houston and I exhaled….”Lord don’t pinch me yet. I’m not ready to wake up.” He slipped his hand in mine and we headed towards the baggage claim. After he’d taken my luggage from the belt, he led me in the direction of another airline carrier. “Wait…..where are you going?” I asked. He laughed. “Don’t be nervous Monae…just trust me.” I stopped walking and released my hand from his in true stubborn girl form. “Alright…alright! I was trying to surprise you but since you’re Ms. Impatient….how does Vegas sound for the weekend?” My face dropped. He couldn’t be serious!?! “I thought you’d be pleased….there’s more to come……”

After being spoiled in first class we arrived to Sin City. My nerves were so on edge. I couldn’t believe we were actually in damn Las Vegas! On a whim….I could get used to this. There was a driver waiting for us as we exited the terminal. I was trying my best to remain unphased….but I knew Maurice and he loved to be over the top and I knew that this was just the beginning of him trying to win me over… the messages began to filter in to my Blackberry, more than a few were from Khoury checking to see if I’d arrived safely. Guilt immediately set in so I turned the device off completely. Maurice advised the driver that we’d be staying at The Palazzo…..oh so he was REALLY trying to impress me. I laughed to myself. As much shit as he and I had gone through in the history of  “us”….I never pictured him wanting to get it together. All the times my heart ached after this man….all the times we blew up at each other. All the times my pride wouldn’t allow me to wholeheartedly express what I was really feeling……everything happens for a reason.

The driver pulled around to a private entrance of the resort and came to a stop. “I’m proving myself worthy this weekend Mo…when we leave here, there shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind as to who you want to be your man. I know you dealing with someone in Miami…I don’t miss much. Whatever we did to each other in the past, let’s just leave it at that….fresh slate baby. You ready?”

By all means…..let the fun begin…..


~ by Monae on January 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Monae~Sweetest Hangover…”

  1. And like that… He has u all in love & feeling good inside. Wow I hope things work out.

  2. Go ahead and dive in head first, girlie.

  3. Starting fresh is the best way. Oh and that Aqua Di Gio brings out the inner whore…

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