Jayde – Do You Know NORMAL? – Post #5

Have you met normal before? Where is he? Where are the normal men? Is there any such thing? Looking back I’ve never met one.  Normal is defined by Merriam-Webster as free from mental disorder, sane.  I started to believe that all men were either clinically depressed, crybabies or goons, no joke.

“Woe is Me”Donald.  Donald is my high school sweetheart.  He was my first love, before I knew the meaning.  We planned our lives together and expected to be together forever.  Our kids names were picked out and we were planning our wedding.  We decided to move to North Carolina when he finished his time in the Air Force and I finished school.  When Donald joined the Air Force he was stationed in Las Vegas.  Over the summer I took a trip out there.  During that time I met the real Donald.  Being out there was an experience I would never repeat.  The Air Force left him depressed all the time and he would spend his days drinking. Donald would drink from wake up to bedtime.  He’d wake up in the middle of the night and take a shot because he couldn’t sleep.  Our relationship ended with me always being his crutch.  Donald dropped all his issues on me and was never sober enough to listen to me.  I could never tell Donald any of my problems because I had to always help him solve his.  It was a real life episode of Intervention.  I stuck it out trying to be there for him but his depression and condescending ways were depressing and changing me.  I left Donald and vowed not to date another alcoholic, depressed boy.

“Crybaby”James.  I met James my sophomore year of college and things between us quickly escalated.  I was young, naïve and thought I was in love, again.  James treated me like I thought all men treated their women.  He was my first older man, 2 years my senior.  Every Friday we had date night and he treated me with the upmost respect.  James was in the army and had to leave for training a month over the summer.  He wrote and called me and I wrote him.  I thought everything was perfect until he came back.  The first day of classes James sent me an AIM message and broke up with me.  He gave me no explanation.  After the breakup he avoided me every day for two months.  When James and I finally began talking he explained he broke it off because I only wrote him two letters. LOL like WTF are you serious?! I was over his childish ways.  Despite our breakup I lost my virginity to James.  Because of this James thought I’d always want him…such a negative.  Everything James said was based on the fact that he was real, yea as real as Plies.  I ended it all with me telling him a real n*gga wouldn’t cry over two letters.   Geesh #manup!

“The Goon”Adrian.  “Cause baby I’m a thug.”  That described Adrian in one sentence.  Adrian was the stereotypical black man you see in the movies.  Two kids, no job and a drug dealer.  Before I met him he had been to prison twice.  While we were together Adrian went to jail three times and now he’s in prison again. Our relationship when he was on the streets was volatile.  We would throw things and fist fight but the makeup sex kept me around.  I became an addict to his magic stick.  I gave Adrian my all and was blinded by my love for him.  Fifteen months into his sentence I left.  I was tired of remembering the past and couldn’t let go of it.  I kept thinking of the drama, the different women and the sleepless nights.  I took a minute and now I’m #ontothenext.

“McDreamy”Stanley.  Stanley is the prince that saves the day.  He has come and rescued me from my misery.  Stanley is the first normal guy I’ve met.  He’s in college, has a job, no kids, a house and a car.  He is that knight with the shining armor.  I’m just hoping McDreamy can turn into McSteamy!  Because I have found someone who is sane I am taking him home.  Stanley is coming home with me this weekend to meet both sides of my family at my Grandmother’s 70th birthday party.  We’ll see how this goes…….


~ by engagedtothesystem on January 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Jayde – Do You Know NORMAL? – Post #5”

  1. What is it with you and guys in uniform? LMAO. Run away! And I was about to ask you about James until I realized that James IS James. My bad!

    The fact that Stanley is McDreamy is enough for me! #TeamStanley (Or #TeamJayde) I’m sure you already know whether or not he’s McSexy you just haven’t experienced the McSex, which I’m sure will be fine. So he probably is a McSteamy just waiting for you to unwrap him!

  2. you might have to unleash that McSteamy. but let me know what Grandma says…..the elders are always right!

  3. There ARE normal guys. Please believe that! I’m all for #teamMcSteamy….and even if the family doesn’t necessarily sway towards what you would like, you can still keep him around for emergency purposes….*breaks glass*

  4. No There are no normal guys, We as woman have to settle for ummm ok u will have to do. There is always something wrong… It’s your job to see if it is worth you staying??? Family Loves him, opens doors, smart, no kids… and treats u right!!! *Fist Pump* in the retard club!!! TEAM STANLEY!!!

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