Monae~Sweetest Hangover…Part 2

I was awakened to kisses on my neck and the aroma of  breakfast….. in bed.  I still felt as though I was on a high….sleepily drunk even as I tried to gather myself together. “Good morning beautiful”. I looked towards him and blushed slightly. “When did you have time to do all of this?” “Now why are you worried about all of that Mo. Just eat so your stomach can quit talkin’ shit! I’ve had more than enough of my fill….I’m satisfied….for now.” He looked at me with a mischievious smirk and that’s when I realized it…..where the f–k were my panties?! I tried to do a quick glance around the suite without being obvious. “They’re on my side of the bed Mo……”  I looked down at myself and was wrapped up in the sheets, hair all over my head, sleep in my face and yet this man had still gotten up to feed me….where did he find the energy?! Especially after last night….

 We dined in the fanciest of restaurants and he treated me to the infamous  Vegas shows. I was the lucky charm on his arm as he staked his claim in the casinos. He must’ve won over five grand one night which he referred to as “chump change”. Had I won in the jackpot of love? Did it have my back this time? I was trying to just enjoy the moment….expecting nothing because I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself.  Maurice just seemed so perfect….I was afraid to give my all and in turn be let down once again. “You good babe? What are you thinkin’ about?” He snapped me back to reality. I stared at him hard trying to find something…..anything that would prove my thoughts right.  He stared back just as intensely and I felt that familiar feeling….“C’mon let’s go.” he stated and led me towards the exit of the casino. My head was all messed up now….I just KNEW we were about to go make a movie on this 30th floor balcony. I was beginning to feel a bit agitated at the sexual frustration, the emotional frustration…somebody pour me a shot of something PLEASE!

 We walked the Vegas strip hugged up as though we’d been together for years. There was a slight chill in the air that I damn sure needed to alleviate this edge….now that we were away from all the lights and sounds, Maurice and I began to REALLY talk. We discussed our fears, our expectations, a future….that could include, dare I say, a relationship! He had definitely changed….and I admired him for that. I admired his consistency….the way he offered to do everything for me. That would take getting used to but the idea that he didn’t mind stuck with me. All of this combined with the fact that he was the playing with fire type of sexy….a gift and curse to my life right about now. I’d gone without for far too long….I’m sure those who were still up in the city of bright lights got more than an eyeful….this movie will NOT be sold in stores.

 So I had a huge decision to make……..I’d been back in Miami for two days now and I hadn’t contacted Khoury. Truth be told, I didn’t want to face him. I felt as though my mind was already made up and I couldn’t stand to break this news to him. I’d given more than enough of myself to Maurice and taken in all that he gave me  and he’d left me with the sweetest hangover…..DAMN IT! How could I hide feelings like this? I’ll tell him….one day……don’t judge me.

Be HAPPY! At least my drought is OVER =). What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…..just know that it happened many….many…many times…..*satisfied sigh* ❤

~ by Monae on January 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Monae~Sweetest Hangover…Part 2”

  1. so u really not about to dish the dirt?!?!?!? *slams fist down*

  2. I wanna know all the details of what happened in Vegas!

  3. *ahem*…A lady never tells….*flips hair*…well at least not on here! LOL

  4. Booooo! Nah forreal though, this sounds like what’s goin on between me n my college sweetheart…like he’s tryin 2 come back around. But omg ur such a tease! Lol good 4 u girl

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