“Games” – Veronica #18

On the way home from work, I hoped that I’d made the right decision. I knew that sex was NEVER the answer, but I just didn’t know how else to handle him. I tried to be forthright with Miguel, and yet he still always managed to fuck that up. I really wanted my distance from Miguel so that I could “clean house.”
Over the next few weeks I began clearing out my blackberry address book. I considered changing my phone number again, but convinced myself that may be an OD decision. Work was still draining, so I tried to relax as much as possible during the weekend.

One cloudy afternoon I took a trip to Union Square for some Sunday shopping and my phone buzzed. The message read: “Hey V, you were on my mind as usual, I just wanted to check on you.”


I sighed so loud that other customers turned around and stared. I put the phone in my coat pocket and kept it moving. My phone buzzed again, this time it was ringing. If I didn’t answer the text, why call? After leaving the store, I went over to Ricky’s to pick up some hair products. I knew I would have to face him next month for his mother’s twin sister’s holiday party. I tried to find a way out of it, but they all demanded that I come and bring my famous 7-up pound cake. I was stuck and forced to look at him, again.

The next night I met Miguel’s half brother Joey at a lounge/restaurant for dinner. Joey and I had actually become very close over the year so I usually dropped by his house after work on some random occasions. Over dinner we kept the conversation casual, reminiscing about last year’s family reunion and his drama with the three women he was currently dating. He then asked if I was seeing anyone. I explained the drama behind Miguel without saying Miguel’s name or anything that might allude to his brother. Joey gave me a hard stare and asked if I wanted a drink because he needed one. Instead of waiting for my response, he went to the bar and brought back a beer and handed me a glass of white wine. Joey looked at a group of girls passing by and said “You’re talking about Miguel, right?”

Joey stared at me and said “although my brother and I don’t talk much, I still know him very well. Plus I see the way he looks at you. He looks at you the way a man looks at a woman that he loves. The way he catered to you at that party over the summer, the way he sat by you and whispered in your ear…then you two ran off for an hour. Come on Veroniquita, you know I pay attention to shyt like that. You know he’s fucked up in the head, right?”

My mouth fell to the floor. I responded, “I know he has issues with women but like I said, I never asked him to be with me, nor have I even asked him for an explanation as to what our relationship meant. I won’t front like I didn’t have feelings because I did, but I had to let all that go once he started acting weird.”

Joey explained the story of Miguel’s ex Tomiko. Apparently Tomiko and I have way too many similarities. For one, she’s half-black half-Japanese with “fat titties” as Joey would say. She’s also a Scorpio. So not only do we look alike visually, but we have similar personalities. Joey explained that he and his father laughed when Miguel got her name tattooed on his chest, as they both knew that would soon be the end. Joey said “Dad knew the shyt would hit the fan as soon as he got that stupid tattoo. That’s the dumbest shit he ever did in his life, besides thinking that the two of them would be together forever. Mijito lost his mind, literally when they broke up. Miguel had no business fucking around with you because you are out of his league. You don’t bullshit like these birds that he deals with around the way. You did the right thing by letting that assclown go. I hate to call my own little brother that, but it is what it is, tu sabes?”

It would be wrong to say that I was amused, but it was a relief to talk to someone who knew both Miguel and I personally. Had I had this talk sooner, it wouldn’t have changed anything. I would’ve still gone over there for the last nut and ignored his call on Sunday. As I left Joey’s house he told me to come to the party next week, but don’t be surprised if Miguel is in my face again. I nodded in agreeance, but wished that things would be different.

Finally the day of the party arrived. I took the cake to Linda’s house while it was still warm and enjoyed the traditional family birthday dinner. 2 hours had passed and still no sign of Miguel. I took a break from all the noise and called my mom to let her know she was missed at the house and I suddenly heard Miguel’s voice screaming my name. I told her I’d call her back and walked to the dining room to see what was going on. Miguel grabbed me and hugged me, exclaiming “I knew you would come through and bake my favorite cake, I knew it!” I looked at everyone in the room awkwardly when he sat down at his seat. Next to him I noticed an unfamiliar face…….Miguel had brought another date. This shyt aint even funny any more……


~ by A. Nicole on February 5, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Games” – Veronica #18”

  1. Ummm…he did WHAT? I don’t know what to say about that!

  2. its best if you cut all ties to miguel, no responses of any kind and definitely no more sex or affection at all. You cannot justify meaningless sex when there are so many complications attached to it, it being the situation. From a scorpio to another scorpio- don’t let your sexual energy compromise your sanity and well being.

    I look forward to your post(s)!

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