“Tired” – Veronica #19

I didn’t really make eye contact with the girl because I didn’t need her to be uncomfortable for no reason. I didn’t want him. As the conversation over my famous cake died down, I retreated to the kitchen and hung out with my younger cousins for a bit. I preferred to be around kids sometimes, reminding me of a time when I didn’t have any responsibilities.

Eventually I decided to head back to the adults because I got tired of hearing who messaged who on Myspace (people still use that?). I sat across from Miguel and his date, who still had no identity. I later realized that she is a friend of Miguel’s sister, and Miguel’s fuckbuddy. She’s attractive and slender, mid-30s, blah blah. Yet she still had that immature vibe as I felt her glancing at me occasionally, worrying about me instead of worrying about Miguel gawking at me. Everytime Miguel spoke, she leaned in towards him and stared directly in his mouth. I found myself randomly laughing aloud at this, as it is clear that he was serving up some serious island dick to her, as he’d done to me.

I also found out this woman (who still had no name) was a bus driver and still lived at home with her parents, even at the ripe age of 35. No wonder she’s caught up in his rapture! Miguel appears to be the total package on the outside with all the wining and dining…. I’m sure she was smitten! #basic

Somewhere in the evening, Miguel got up and sat next to me, whispering little things to me, brushing his lips against my cheek as he spoke. I could feel a pair of eyes on me, but Miguel obviously didn’t. He continued to openly flirt in front of everyone, and eventually she gave up trying to burn a hole in his head. Miguel grabbed a bottle and poured shots for me and him ONLY, which i found to be rude. I then instructed him to pour for anyone else who might like a shot of tequila, which he humbly obliged. After a few shots he then retreated to his seat in between his sister and his “friend,” where she immediately put down her purse and phone to focus all attention on him. Once again, he had not introduced us which I found slightly amusing yet pathetic. Obviously the rest of the family knew her as his sister Carmen’s friend, but I was new to the family, am I not worthy of an introduction?

I let it go as I was beginning to feel the buzz from 5 shots of Patron. Before I knew it, everyone was leaving the house. I went around the room to hug everyone, and when I got to the girl, she purposely made herself busy as not to have to tell me goodnight. That’s fine, moving right along!

On the ride home, I thought about any reasons as to why Miguel would continue to do this. The other girl was clearly uncomfortable when she saw how he behaved towards me. I’m pretty sure the girl wasn’t bold enough to confront Miguel about her obvious awkward position, so Miguel will of course continue to make her feel less relevant in public. I on the other hand did not need Miguel or anyone else to make me feel relevant, so I just found myself feeling sorry for her – another woman who thinks that maybe one day Miguel will change and eventually commit. Luckily for me, I was long gone out of the picture.


~ by A. Nicole on February 16, 2010.

One Response to ““Tired” – Veronica #19”

  1. are you really done or done for now?

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