For the past 3 years, Valentine’s Day meant absolutely nothing to me as far as relationships went. I wasn’t necessarily against the holiday…..I just never had someone special to spend it with. It wasn’t a day that I looked forward to….it wasn’t a day that I spent extra time preparing for. It wasn’t a day that created fond memories for me to reminisce upon….until now. I didn’t believe that fairy tales could exist outside of the books which contained them. Maurice….damn….he made all of that possible for me. I randomly pinch myself at times to make sure I’m not boo’ed up in some real good ass dream about to wake up to a harsh reality! You tell yourself that there IS someone good out there….you make yourself believe in it although it isn’t tangible right now and you can’t grasp it and you wait for this dream to be fulfilled. Amidst all the naysayers who don’t want it to happen for you….despite the negative energy coming from others who can’t and just won’t believe in a good man EVER….honey misery loves company but I am NOT the one to entertain her! But this man…..MY man is all I’ve ever hoped for. Yes it’s official…Maurice and I are in a relationship….*gasp* shocked? {smile}

 Does it feel as though it’s happening fast?? After we returned from Vegas, he came to visit me EVERY…..SINGLE….WEEKEND. Of course I wasn’t complaining and it just solidified any thoughts in regards to him. I was no longer afraid to give in…..I actually wanted this man to have ALL of me and I trusted him with my most prized possession….my heart. Granted he’d hurt me once before but he consistently proved to me that I was who he wanted and he left no doubt in my mind that there was anyone else for him. He straightened up and flew right by me and I couldn’t be happier…..add to the fact that this man put it down like nobody’s effin’ BUSINESS! My legs just seemed to open on command….inner whore honey lemme tell you! There wasn’t a spot in my house that we hadn’t….ummm yeah….don’t judge me. He kept the headboard knocking….and my dog Apollo resented him. LOL. I’m happy guys……yet a bundle of nerves of what may be next for us….

Khoury……has now been demoted to the friend zone. I couldn’t understand why it hurt so much for me to tell him that I was no longer on the market. He didn’t have too many words for me afterwards. He wished me happiness, kissed me on the cheek and walked out of my life…..ok that’s way too dramatic. We haven’t been in touch. I’ve seen him twice since that day and he was with Shaunie the shone from the Christmas party….my heart rate immediately sped up and I got a li’l heated but I had to remind myself that he wasn’t mine to have. I was with Maurice….yet the sight of Khoury and Shaunie tore me UP! I guess it just wasn’t meant to be……

I hope and pray that Maurice is THE ONE….although he hasn’t given me any reason to think he isn’t….I feel like I love him already (AGAIN!)…..and in the midst of all this LOVE something may be happening…to me. To us…that is, if confirmed……who would have ever THUNK IT!

I have a feeling….and I’m scared shitless…..a drink wouldn’t be good right about now would it???? The unopened box is waiting for me. I’m REALLY trippin!


~ by Monae on February 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “Monae~Trippin’…..”

  1. Wtf wtf wtf??? Girl say it aint so!!!

  2. *faints dead*

  3. W-O-W…what are you gonna do?!?

  4. Oh my my my!!!! SMH all that new good love will do that to you. LOL Can’t wait to see what happens. Good Luck!

  5. ya’ll are doin too much!!! but this sounds almost too good to be true!!! work it out girl!!!!

  6. This feels like one of those “oh that would never happen to me” moments. I’m at a point in my life when things are finally falling into place & now this…..?? I’m SCARED! That was carelessness on my part…caught up in a man and his d***. Smh…I still haven’t opened that box but I also haven’t seen my ‘friend’ either. Stress…yep. I’m stressed….I hope that’s ALL it is….

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