Jayde – Can It Get Any Worse: Part I – Post #7

I wonder how many tragic Valentine’s Day stories there are out there.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that had a tragic Valentine’s Day weekend.

I was trying to take another chance on Stanley, despite his shortcoming (STRIKE 1).  I was giving him a chance to redeem himself in a different type of way.  For months Stanley had been talking about Valentine’s Day and what he had planned for us.  He asked me to come up to Atlanta for the weekend and I agreed.  It would be a very special weekend since Valentine’s Day was also Stanley’s birthday.

I was going to use the weekend as a sign of how things could be or get between us because I was on the fence.  I was tired of trying to like Stanley and was ready to go back to Adrian.  Thursday afternoon after work I began my five hour drive up to Atlanta; little did I know I’d wish I never left Florida.

Thursday night using my BlackBerry GPS I arrived at a house with the address Stanley provided me.  Silly me for thinking this was his spot.  Stanley and I sat waiting for his cousin to arrive to open the doors.   After my five hour drive I explained to Stanley how hungry I was.  Everyone knows how much I eat…Stanley let me know his cousin was going to cook spaghetti.  Despite it already being 9pm I decided to wait.  Spaghetti really doesn’t take that long, so I thought.

It ended up being ten of us staying in the house that night, five misbehaving children and five adults.  Stanley and I ended up in one of the little girls’ rooms.  I was cool about the situation since I knew Stanley and I would be staying in the hotel for the remainder of our stay.  I sat in the room starving until 1130pm when the food was finally done.  Full and tired I headed for bed while Stanley headed out to work.  When I got up to Atlanta he informed me that he had to work Thursday and Friday nights.  Seriously? STRIKE 2.

Friday morning I woke up freezing.  I peeked outside the window and saw nothing but white.  It had begun snowing overnight and showed no signs of stopping.  Stanley got back from work around 1030am and said he needed to take a nap and then we’d head to the mall and hotel.  We didn’t check into the hotel until 5pm and never made it to the mall.  Stanley slept all day and finally woke up around 8pm saying get dressed.  Finally! I was so ready to get out that hotel and EAT! We hadn’t eaten since the spaghetti the night before.

Stanley ended up taking me BACK to the house w/ the 8 people to eat some cold pizza they ordered earlier that day. I was pissed.  This was the beginning of the downfall of the weekend.  I told him I’d get McDonalds.  After McDonalds we headed back to the hotel, again.  He left for work and I was happy to be alone.

Saturday.  Hopefully we won’t get to STRIKE 3  and Stanley can still be McDreamy since he failed at being McSteamy.


~ by engagedtothesystem on February 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Jayde – Can It Get Any Worse: Part I – Post #7”

  1. ……..i wouldn’t wait for strike 3 from McLoser. NEXT!!!!!!

  2. *squints face* Is this a joke? Did Stanley even comprehend romantic Valentine’s Day weekend in his head? Other people PLUS brats?! Where’s the layout for McSteamy?! Why the hell didn’t he take off that weekend either especially since you drove 5 hours to come spend time with him? Cold pizza…on Valentine’s Day? iCant.com….

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