Jayde – Can It Get Any Worse: Part II – Post #8

I woke up Saturday afternoon with high hopes, the snow was finally clearing and that meant I could explore Atlanta.  I was pleading with God to make Saturday a better day because I really wanted to give Stanley a chance, maybe I just wanted to use him to get over Adrian.

As we pulled up to the counter to exit the parking garage Stanley asked if I’d be able to pay for the parking because he didn’t have cash on him, $21.  I obliged since he insisted he’d return my money Sunday morning.

Since we didn’t make it to the mall Friday Stanley said we’d go Saturday.  As always I was hungry and told Stanley I wanted FOOD, not fast food.  We ended up at Chic-A-Loes, a chicken tender joint.  Now when I say I want food that means chicken, rice, veggies, a roll, a complete dinner.  Stanley insisted that this place would fill me up.  Stanley ordered the two piece meal with fries for $4.25.  Me knowing myself I ordered the 10 wing combo with fries.  Once again Stanley asked if I could cover the meal.  While we were eating Stanley explained that he wouldn’t have money until Sunday.  He said he spent the money on the deposit for the hotel, $200, and when we checked out he’d return it.  Me being the nice person I was trying to be in 2010 said ok, huge mistake.

Saturday we ended up at two ghetto malls.  I do not shop in malls with a check cashing joint, hair store and a furniture rental store.  When we arrived at the first mall there were guys outside arguing.  One of the guys stated he was going to his car to get his gun and the other guy should meet him there with his.  I told Stanley I wasn’t going in.  I wanted to go to a mall with department stores, at least a Macy*s.  The next mall was an imitation Magic Mall.  Walking in the front door they had people with their own tables from home set-up.  People were selling balloons, cookie cakes and bootleg DVDs.  I was so annoyed that after asking for a department store we ended up at an indoor flea market.

What more could I expect from someone in a Fat Albert FUBU outfit on, smh.  Once again I told Stanley lets go.  Stanley asked if I thought I was too good for the malls, my response “hells yea.”  The rest of the day went downhill.

My phone was dead because I forgot to take a charger with me.  I felt alone and was getting annoyed.  I told him I needed an AT&T store so I could buy a charger.  Finally he found one and I was back in business.  I spent the next couple hours on Twitter, BBM and texting trying to find someone to save me from this miserable day.  Stanley was ready to head back to the hotel after going to the “malls” but I refused to go back to that prison.  I told him let’s go see a movie.

Stanley being the dummy he is didn’t check the movie times before we went.  We ended up at Atlantic Station for the movies, once again we had to pay to park, well I paid to park.  I bought tickets for the next showing, $21.  Since we had time to spare I told Stanley I needed a drink.  I was mentally exhausted and needed a strong shot! Stanley said it would be cheaper to buy a bottle instead.  We ended up at a package store and I bought a bottle of Patron and a lime, for myself.  I popped open the bottle and took 3 shots for the 3 days of hell I had spent with Stanley.  Those shots came in handy when we were trying to leave the parking garage after the movie.

Once again hours later after the movie I was hungry.  Stanley, who is never hungry which might be because he’s broke, said we could walk over to Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro.  We both ordered and ate and then the bill came.  The waitress left the bill with Stanley.  Little did she and I know he wouldn’t be covering the bill.  It never dawned on me that Stanley was completely B-R-O-K-E.  I gave her my card for the dinner, $45.  For someone with no money Stanley sure ordered a pricey meal.  Neways I brushed it off.  I vowed after paying for dinner that I was done.  No more money out of my pocket.

Leaving the parking garage Stanley couldn’t find his ticket.  Instead of looking for it he pulled up to the exit with no ticket.  I was sitting there laughing on the inside.  Cars pilled up behind us and one of the workers came over.  Stanley told him he lost the ticket and the man said it was $13 for a lost ticket. Ha! The man said just give him $3 and he’d let him out.  Stanley searched his wallet, his pockets, and everywhere in between.  People started honking and yelling.  I began laughing.  I was so annoyed and frustrated that all I could do was laugh.  Stanley kept asking what was so funny I just kept telling him hurry up because all those people were waiting.  Stanley found NO money and the man eventually just told us to go.

Please could Sunday hurry up and come.

~ by engagedtothesystem on February 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “Jayde – Can It Get Any Worse: Part II – Post #8”

  1. yeah so we’re gonna mollywhop this fool. i guarantee it. lol

  2. that was too ridiculous to be NOT be true cuz u can’t make up shyt like that. i bet that ninja had u up in decatur at a flea market!!

  3. Well at least you texted me when I was miserable? LOL. Is that selfish?

  4. This is terrible…all yo taste in yo mouth mama…dis nigga had a lil dick and got the nerve to be cheap too…you need to do better boo up and nerd or a fat nigga…it’ll be a better look for you

  5. OH my goodness. This dude was straight up cheap. He knew he didn’t have any money and tried to play you. Since he wasn’t hungry any of those times, you should have bought your food and ate it in front of his azz.

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