Jayde: Can It Get Any Worse: The Finale – Post #9

Sunday finally came, thank God.

I woke up at 8am ready to check out the hotel and get the hell on! I went down to the car and Stanley checked out and met me downstairs.  Before I could get on the road I had to drop him off to his cousins’ house.  While we were driving over there Stanley handed me a wad of cash…FINALLY! I was happy I got my money back and even happier that I was almost away from him.  During the drive I was ignoring Stanley so he decided to break the silence…bad decision.

Stanley: So, Jayde….where do you see this relationship going?

Me: *laughs* What?!

Stanley: I mean what do you see in the future for us?

Me: Look Stanley I already told you, there is no us.

Stanley: *sigh*

Was he serious? I mean after my pencil experience, after his broke ass couldn’t pay for crap did he really think I was even considering being with him? Stanley needed to get a hint and he’d get it fast.  We arrived at his cousins’ house and I was playing polite because it was his birthday and I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of them.  I said my goodbyes and Stanley walked me out to the car.  At the car Stanley asked me where was his gift *side eye*

I started looking around for Candid Camera because this had to be a prank! The nerve of that boy…I couldn’t wait to drive off…chuckin them deuces!


Before I could leave I had to fill up my gas tank.  Stanley had to use my car the whole weekend because his dumb ass parked his car in the snow and couldn’t get it out.  Also, of course, he couldn’t offer gas money since he didn’t have any.  At the gas station I decided to just use the cash Stanley gave me.  I went in my purse unfolded the wad and “lo and behold”…it was only $40DAMN dollars!  I spent over $200 and he only gave me back $40! Can you say L-I-V-I-D!

I called my dad to calm me down because I wanted to drive back to Stanley’s cousins’ house and punch him in his face! Later I called Stanley and cussed him out.  I let him know how pissed I was that he had the audacity to ask me for his gift, only give me back $40 and take the bottle of Patron! Yes, the bottle I bought came up missing when I looked in the trunk! I told Stanley to send my money and never speak to me again.

This tragedy ends with me never getting all of my money.  Stanley sent me $80, still $100 short, the next week but I told him go kick rocks.

“You don’t throw away a car because of one bad part”  -Stanley

Too bad Stanley has more than one bad part.


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One Response to “Jayde: Can It Get Any Worse: The Finale – Post #9”

  1. WOoooooooooow I have no words for that cheap muthafcuka!!! Ugh!

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