Love Is A Battlefield – Veronica #22

The stress of work was getting to me. I needed to get away. Going home to NJ just wasn’t enough. I wanted to be near him. I told RJ to clear his schedule next Friday. I bought his plane ticket but I wouldn’t tell him where he was going until he got to the airport next week. As usual, I spent the next few days clearing my head by shopping and enjoying spa treatments. I was also able to get in some last minute Christmas shopping. RJ kept calling and texting, begging to know where we were going. It was amusing to keep him in suspense. Finally after 12 days of waiting, I hopped on the M16 bus to LaGuardia. I called RJ to make sure he’d gotten to the airport safely. No answer. I called again….still nothing. I panicked, but I still had a plane to catch regardless. I hadn’t gotten much sleep since I was awake reading restaurant reviews all night.

I got through security and still no word from RJ. I grabbed some coffee and biscotti to waken me up a bit. After I took my first sip, I noticed my voicemail ringtone. It was RJ asking me again where we were going. I assumed he hadn’t checked in yet. I was beginning to feel like I’d been left at the altar like Carrie.


Before I could reply, they called my flight number, stating a gate change. I hauled ass to the other side of the airport. I paced after I responded to RJ’s text. I was waiting for his call after I told him where we were going, but still no response. I called one final time, but he sent me to voicemail. My stomach began to turn immediately. I got in my seat when suddenly my phone beeped. I read it and my heart fell to the floor. “V, can’t make it. She’s been in labor since 2AM. Try to have fun in Puerto Rico without me. Call me when you land. I love you.”

SHE. HER. The mother of his child. His ex-girlfriend. I still hadn’t prepared myself for there being three women in his life. His mother, me, and her. I wanted to go back to bed and sleep until the 4 day vacation was over. I had the luxury of first class and started my vacation with 2 mini bottles of merlot before brunch was officially over. I felt stupid. I thought I was used to disappointment. Guess not.


~ by A. Nicole on March 18, 2010.

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