“You’re the One for Me” – Veronica

The worst thing about being in love is knowing that love can be destroyed if it isn’t strong enough. RJ and I had had our share of drama, but I had never been this afraid. The mother of his child was in the picture. You can’t say this won’t be complicated. I’m clearly not the type to back down from a bully, but this is one battle that I considered forfeiting.

I awoke to the smell of bacon and crepes…RJ was already up, eating his plate and mine. Naked. I jumped up, kissed his cheek, and hopped in the shower. Before I knew it, hed joined me, grabbing the shampoo from my hand and began massaging my scalp. He sat on the bench, as I sat next to him, humming some Teedra Moses song…. allowing the tears to flow.

RJ never could handle seeing me cry. I’d drifted off somewhere until I heard him calling my name. I looked at him nervously, and he kissed my tears, telling me to stop worrying about dumb shyt. I laid my head on his chest, then turned the shower off. I hated that sentimental shyt! We both got dressed and caught a cab to town for some shopping.

Everything was fine until his phone kept going off, I guess he was emailing since his phone plan probably didn’t cover service to Puerto Rico. I asked if he was handling business and he replied, “Nah it’s Monica, its about the baby.” My fists tightened at the sound of her name. I had to relax and get used to this. I had to trust him – I mean he IS here with ME right?

In the middle of my thoughts, my blackberry messenger went off. It was Marcus, my first love. I scrolled down and his messages were about him checking on me, hoping I was happy, the usual “you’re still my first love” type messages. I didn’t respond. I grabbed RJ’s hand and went over to the market for some empanadas. Once we got back to the hotel, we dropped our bags off and went down to the lounge for drinks. I couldn’t stop thinking about Marcus, wondering what he wanted. I knew something was wrong.

RJ and I both left our phones upstairs so we could enjoy some alone time. Once we were both drunk, we went back to the honeymoon suite for more drunken sex. I guess I wore RJ out, because he fell asleep on top of me after we finished. I rolled him over, put on my robe and went to the balcony with my phone. I had a missed call…I hit the “return call” button. After two rings, a familiar voice said “u always know when to call.” This is wrong….I think.

~ by A. Nicole on April 23, 2010.

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