Jayde – Call Me Ms. Cougar – Post #10

After the tragedy with Stanley I decided to lay low.  I was tired of “dating” when I knew my heart wasn’t in it.  I stopped responding to the men willing to court me and thought about giving Adrian a second chance.

Adrian has eighteen months left of his sentence and he’s waiting to be transferred closer to his hometown.  Through all my dates we still talked and came to the agreement to remain friends.  I decided to make a friendly visit to see him.  We had started back talking and I was considering waiting out those last couple of months with him.

I made that four hour drive and arrived at the prison one hour behind schedule.   I always try to be one of the first ones at visitation because you get more time with the inmate.  I stood in line for forty-five minutes before I arrived inside those prison walls.  After being searched I found a seat in the crowded lunch room style visitation center.  Adrian walked out and I was so happy to see him.  It had been almost seven months since we’ve seen each other.  I gave him a hug and leaned in for a kiss but he turned his head.

At the moment I was upset but then I brushed it off.  Maybe it was too early and fast for us to be rekindling this relationship.  Maybe we had lost it and should just leave things be.  Either way I was determined to enjoy these last three hours of our visit.

Since we are not allowed to sit next to the inmates I was sitting across from Adrian facing the visitors door.  I have slight ADD so every time someone would open the door I’d have to look up to see.  This time I was surprised by what I saw.  In walked Adrian’s babymama.

I did a quick double take thinking maybe she just looks like Armana.  It was definitely her and she was here to see Adrian.  Of all the weekends I could’ve come.  Armana walked over and hugged and kissed Adrian.  My stomach sank right along with my heart.  They always say men go back to their babymama.  I sat there for a moment trying to catch my breath.  I know Adrian and I broke up and I started seeing other people but I didn’t expect him to get back with her, of all people.  All I wanted to do was punch that chick in her face.  Since Adrian and I started dating she’s been a constant nag.  After I had molded him into the man he should’ve been she was here to reap my benefits.

I picked my mouth off the floor and got up to leave.  Adrian grabbed my arm, he said he was sorry and didn’t know how to tell me that they had gotten back together.  I lied and said it was fine then got the hell up out of there.  I cried the entire time back to my hotel room.  I had reserved a room for the weekend and now I really intended on keeping it.  The hotel was right on the beach and it was Spring Break season.  I might as well go back to playing with people’s children….the cougar is coming back out to play.

~ by engagedtothesystem on April 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Jayde – Call Me Ms. Cougar – Post #10”

  1. Damn don’t you hate when that happens. I mean even though you were out there dating you just don’t expect them to do the same. And y couldn’t he keep it 100 with u. That was so messed up. But have fun with the kids on Spring Break.

  2. Wow! I am so sorry. That really does suck.

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