Monae~Foul Play

My wrists still bear the marks of those harsh ass ‘cuffs…..let me tell you! This is one ordeal I’d never wish on my worst enemy. I had to get the fuck away from that situation before I really ended up in someone’s cell. Monae is NOT about that life! Please believe me! So here I sit in this Barnes & Nobles donning my Mary J. inspired shades as I try to be inconspicuous just to update the ones who may actually give a damn about my well being. After being so-called “exposed” I thought about calling this whole blogging thing quits. I’ve never felt so on display than I did when this chick (Aja btw since I know she’s a fan and her mouth was probably watered for this T…SMFH) threw my words into my face. I know that once your life is portrayed to others in such an accessible way, you have to accept what comes with it. I was down about it but I’m not out. I’ll still continue to share my journey with no holds barred….now on to the REAL story!

I envisioned pushing her down the steps that led up to the front door. I was so filled with rage at that point that I didn’t care what the consequences were. All I could think was “Fuck this hoe & her baby. I don’t owe them shit!” So many scenarios played out in my head…hitting a pregnant woman has serious repercussions…but she clearly had every intention of coming to piss me off and had the nerve to still be talkin’ sh*t. How could I NOT help snapping on this bitch!? It was then that I saw red, balled up my fist and swung. I felt a hand stop me and when I realized it was Maurice I became even angrier.

“Mo, don’t do this shit man. I’on even wanna say let me explain but don’t get caught up in her shit man.”

“Oh so let me guess? You been stringin’ me along all this fuckin’ time Maurice when you knew good and damn well you were in a situation?! Get the fuck out my face!”

I was so MAD at him that my hands seemed to develop a mind of their own and I punched his ass in the arm and again in the chest. Soon my fist went straight to his eye. I was so damn pissed! All the while in the background, Aja is STILL talkin’ out the side of her neck about the miscarriage and screaming that Maurice needed to know the truth. He’s still trying to calm me down despite my rage and I managed to reach around him and slapped the shit out of Aja . Bitch was gettin’ on my nerves with her fuckin’ mouth! We must’ve disturbed the peace of some nosy neighbor because before I knew it, the police had shown up. That trife bitch runs hollering to them that I assaulted her and tried to kill her and her child. BITCH! Are you serious?! They immediately come and cuff me and I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. What the hell had my life become? I am not made for anyone’s jail. I was sat on the curb and watched by one officer while the other went to speak with Maurice and his bitch.

I was too shocked to cry…….too hurt to think. Apparently I involuntarily auditioned to play the role of his fool. This whole LIE was too good to be true. How did I miss the signs??? Maybe I was so infatuated with the idea that he seemed to be everything I needed that I allowed things to go over my head. This was the most embarrasing day of my life. I wouldn’t ever be able to live this down…

Soon enough, this whiny ass bitch was going off again. Damn her voice was aggravating! I also heard the voice of the officer telling me to get up so they could take the cuffs off of me. Was I hearing right? I wasn’t in trouble? I obliged and didn’t ask any questions. When my eyes scanned towards Maurice, I saw him and the officer coercing Aja back inside her car. Hmmm, so that’s what her beef is…because I was let go. The spiteful bitch in me wanted to run over and punch her straight in the teeth but there was definitely an angel on my side that night and I didn’t need any other altercations.

I headed back inside the house with Maurice close on my heels. I didn’t want to hear shit he had to say. I needed to be on the next thing smokin’ back to Miami point, blank, period! I started mindlessly packing everything I had. I couldn’t stand to be in his presence for one more damn minute. He began being on this whiny shit:

“Babe, don’t leave. Please listen to me. I’m serious. Please!”

I ignored him as I continued to get my belongings. There wasn’t anything he could say to me that would ease the conflict and the disappointment I felt. I realized that my Blackberry was missing in action. I sat down on the bed to look in my purse for it when I heard strange noises. I looked up and NO the hell this n-word wasn’t crying like a bitch! I sucked my teeth and continued to look for my phone. That’s when he began confessing: He and Aja had been in a long term relationship and had actually gotten engaged but things began to get rocky and he decided to call it quits last October. She didn’t want to let him go that easily as they had just moved in together so she tried to get him to reconsider but he wouldn’t give in. She laid low for awhile but came over to his place one night an emotional mess and his soft ass fell for it. She wanted that “old thing back” just one last time and that’s apparently when she got pregnant. She then “disappeared” from his life claiming to be over it….but in actuality was stalkin’ the hell out of his ass with a hired private investigator! That explains how she found the blog.  She got jealous when he and I began reconnecting so well and decided to take things into her own hands which is how this shit hit the fan!

I know this is an eyeful and may have you wondering what the hell could possibly happen next. Once I found my Blackberry, I grabbed my laptop and left Maurice’s old wet face ass at the house. Yeah I know technically he didn’t cheat on me but I felt like a rebound chick. This fool was ENGAGED! Now his ex-fiancee is pregnant w/his child! If this isn’t karma coming back for my ass….how dreadful…


~ by Monae on April 30, 2010.

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