Congratulations? – Veronica

Marques and I spoke for over an hour….about the usual. Why do people stay in unhappy relationships, and expect sympathy from others? I just wanted to be a friend, so I listened. Your first love knows you better than you know yourself, which is probably why Marques knew he could tell me anything. I took another sip of my wine before I left the balcony, and I caught a glimpse of RJ’s sleeping face. He really looked like he was at peace, and I was happy for that because he’d gone through a lot with his ex and new baby. I crawled into bed next to him, and felt him pull me closer. I couldn’t imagine a want or need to be anywhere else at that moment.

We spent the next two days acting like we were on our honeymoon. We took so many pictures that we had to buy a new memory card for my camera. I couldn’t imagine if I would ever be that happy again, and that’s when reality hit me. We had our real lives waiting on us….bills, baby mamas, newborns, etc. He saw the sadness in my eyes so he did little things to lift my spirits. I was just certain that his ex would be the stereotypical babymother horror story. I needed to trust RJ, in that he wouldn’t allow her to come between us. On our final day in Puerto Rico, I woke up to beautiful flowers next to the bed with no RJ in sight. The card read “meet me on the beach.” I washed my face, brushed my teeth, pulled my hair in a high bun and slipped on an all white sundress. I was so nervous I almost locked myself out of the room.

As soon as my feet touched the warm sand, I began to look for him. I wandered around for about 10 minutes until I saw him standing in ankle deep water with his khakis rolled up. He turned around and smiled, enough to make my heart melt. I found myself more emotional than I hoped to be at that moment, I knew his ass was NOT proposing. He motioned for me to come closer until he saw my first tear drop. ” Aye V cut that shit out man…not today, not now. Don’t fuck it up with a bad mood right now.” OMG, now that’s why I love him.

He took my hand and we walked in silence for about 15 minutes. I didn’t want to think of what he had to tell me, of course I assumed the worst. Instead he led me to a shaded area beneath a mango tree. He motioned for me to sit in his lap on a wooden bench. We sat for about five minutes and I felt myself drifting off to sleep because I was so relaxed. I lifted my head from his
“V, I know I may have done some fucked up things in the past. Sometimes you do stupid shit because you’re afraid. All those times that I had other women was mainly because I was afraid of being hurt. I was afraid that you would move back up north, become rich, and find some Wall Street dude and leave me in wack ass North Carolina. I knew you would never stay in the south for me, and I just didn’t wanna let you go. I know what I want now, and I’m sorry for everything that I’ve ever done to you and I wanna move forward from here. Now that I know that I have you, I promise I will never let you go.”

He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed a ring hanging from a thin gold chain. He took off the chain and placed the ring on my right hand. The platinum ring held two stones, each were our birthstones. A promise ring.

He kissed my cheek and said, “One day we can get you a different ring and put it on your left hand. Actually, that shit needs to happen, stat. Let’s get a real engagement ring today. What do you think about moving somewhere closer to me? I’ll buy a house. Yes, that’s what we need to do. Tired of playing, what do you think?”

I looked at him with a blank stare. Was he really asking me to give up my happy, fulfilling life in NYC? So now I’m supposed to give up everything for him? Why couldn’t he just move? He can go to dental school anywhere! Then I remembered his responsibilities in North Carolina, his newborn son. I saw the frustration in his face, and I still couldn’t answer. Did he really expect an answer right now? What was I supposed to do?


~ by A. Nicole on May 19, 2010.

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