Jayde – Spring Flings – Post #11

All throughout high school I was known for dating the babies.  I was a cougar by birth.

Daniel and I met during his spring break rendezvous.  After I left Adrian in visitation with his baby mama I needed a change.  I needed something new and spring break in Panama City was the key.  Here is was hitting twenty-five years old when Daniel and his friends asked me for a sip of my Ciroc and lemonade.  Now usually I don’t condone underage drinking but Daniel looked old enough to a lot more than drink!

The best way to describe Daniel is that he looks like Travie McCoy’s younger brother.  I’m not the one to say I have a type but if I did Daniel was not it and that’s what hooked me.  He had this sweet Trini accent and I couldn’t help but swoon.  I love accents, especially West Indian accents.

Daniel’s friends moved on further down the beach while Daniel and I got acquainted.  The whole weekend reminded me of my freshman year and losing my innocence, except in this case Daniel was losing his.  I was living in a seventeen year old girls’ body and enjoying every minute of it.  This was the weekend that girls were meant to have boyfriends for.  We spent the entire weekend drinking, dancing and playing dress up.  Four days later my vacation was over and I couldn’t think of another excuse to tell my boss.  I left Daniel and didn’t plan to see him again.  He was good and served his purpose.

Two months later Daniel and I are still seeing each other.  Every two weeks we switch and meet each other at different cities in Florida.  It has been that young love that people don’t get to experience.  Daniel doesn’t know I’m twenty-four, recently engaged or even that I’m not a sophomore in college.  Why? I saw why ruin a good thing.  Young boys are all about the moment and having fun in the moment.

Daniel is my spring toy and summer is approaching, time to find my new boo thang!


~ by engagedtothesystem on June 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Jayde – Spring Flings – Post #11”

  1. Well alright!!! I say ENJOY!

  2. Awww young loving…when things seemed much less complicated. Enjoy your summer boo thang!

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