Monae~Everything That Glitters….

My brain was still trying to register what had just taken place. I had to admit that it felt soooo good being in his arms again but I was still confused as hell! What made him show up out of the blue NOW? I snapped out of the daze long enough to ask, “Khoury…what is this? Where did you come from? Why are you here? Explain yourself!” He just wouldn’t stop kissing me though….and his kisses were like sex. It was just what I needed to BREAK right now….and I couldn’t believe I was actually considering it. I needed to pull it together and stop allowing my lust for this man to take control. I removed myself from his embrace and went to sit waaaaay on the other side of the living room. I needed my mind clear and being next to him was not helping! He just continued to stare at me with those piercing brown eyes. The chemistry in the room was hard to ignore but before I did something completely out of character, I wish he would SAY SOMETHING! Damn! This was beginning to rub me the wrong way. Finally he spoke….

Mo…I know this is unexpected. I know this is way out of the box for me but I’ve been missin’ you like crazy….I sent you a message asking if we could talk and you never got back to me. I was worried about you….we used to be close man…then you got  ya’ peoples. I’m sorry for disrespecting that….nah really I’m not and I’ll be honest because it was supposed to me and you Mo and you know that. I just decided to try my luck tonight….and luck just happened to be on my side.”

My heart was racing in my chest the whole time that he was talking. You mean to tell me that his feelings never changed?? I felt like I’d done him so wrong…..I re-routed him straight to the “friend zone” once Maurice showed up and Khoury bowed away without so much as a fight. That made me feel some type of way. After all the time we’d spent together…..making flirtatious advances at each other, the chemistry that STAYED poppin’ between us and he just let me go without a word?! I guess I felt….hurt???

For the past hour or so, I filled him in on what had transpired in my life while he wasn’t a part of it. He listened without interjecting for the most part and at times I felt like I was talking to myself. When the hell did he become such an introspect?! I wanted the Khoury who told me everything under the sun back. He held my hand the whole time and didn’t even try to put me in a compromising position…..he was being a gentleman…..why does the whore in me always want to come out around him?! I needed to do something about that! He touched my stomach and looked up at me. Suddenly I had the urge to cry….dammit these emotions. I turned my head away quickly so he wouldn’t see the tears falling but he made me look at him. I hated him for that…..I hated him for seeing me become vulnerable again. His lips found mine again and he just wouldn’t stop kissing me. I missed him too. So damn much. I couldn’t deny that even if I tried.

I was so overwhelmed by this whole situation that I started rambling. I didn’t want to let him get away again….this moment felt too good to not be able to hold on to more than just this one time. I could’ve been talking out the side of my neck but I didn’t care…..all I knew is that I didn’t want this feeling to end….and apparently he felt the same way.

“Khoury what do we do about this? I want you….I’m not going to fight it anymore…”

“Mo, you got it. You know how long I’ve been waitin’ for you to stop fightin’ it? This shit is unreal….damn…if only…”

“If only what Khoury? We could take things slow. We don’t have to rush into it….I just don’t want to let you go again…I want it to be us for real…”

“Mo…it’s not that simple…”

Ok now I was REALLY confused….

Khoury just tell me…..what is it?”

“She’s pregnant Mo…she’s having my baby.”


He couldn’t even look at me………tell me this is a joke. No really, tell me that someone is punking me yet AGAIN! FUCK! Everything that glitters ain’t gold……………


~ by Monae on June 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Monae~Everything That Glitters….”

  1. Awww dayum why?????????

  2. Oh hellllll no! This is some BULL! What the fudge?! Wooooow. Soooo is she pregnant?! Wellllll?! Lol.

  3. Dang! I felt that one with you.

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