Making Decisions-Veronica

I still was not ready to give RJ an answer. He knew I had no intention of leaving NYC after I’d worked so hard to get there. Veronica just isn’t the type of person to give up everything for someone else. He looked in my eyes and found his answer. RJ grabbed my hand and said he was hungry. We caught a cab to a small restaurant for some bacalao and ceviche.

Luckily, our conversation wasn’t too awkward after the previous discussion. RJ knew I wouldn’t jump at the chance to get married and move back to Raleigh. If anything, he probably knew he needed to apply to schools in NYC if he was really serious. RJ and I ended up getting caught in the rain on the way back to the hotel. Poor me and my bad decision to wear a white sundress with no bra! RJ didn’t seem to mind-we were the only ones on the beach at that point and took advantage of it.

Once it started to thunder, we ran inside our hotel room to get out of our wet clothes. He told me to take my shower first because he had to make a phone call.

When I got out of the shower, I noticed RJ was gone. I figured he might have gone to the computer lab downstairs or to the laundry room. My phone wasn’t where I’d left it, on the nightstand. I panic when I can’t find my blackberry so I turned the hotel suite upside down searching for it. When RJ came back, he looked at me like I was crazy after seeing how I trashed the room looking for my phone. “RJ where the hell is my phone?!!?”

He looked at me with a blank stare and said “HUH?” I went back to the bathroom to get my body oil so I could at least put on my nightgown. When I walked back into the bedroom, RJ had my phone in his hand, claiming that it was in my purse the whole time. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. After checking my messages, I arranged the room back into its original pristine shape.

RJ ordered room service while I was in the shower. He knew my ass would be hungry. We always ate after sex whether we were hungry or not. Room service brought up some cheeseburger sliders and hashbrowns….my fave diner food. RJ and I ate from the same platter while watching “Treme” when my phone began buzzing. I was having a cheeseburger orgasm and had no desire to grab my phone. RJ did it for me. “Veronica, who is DO NOT ANSWER?”


~ by A. Nicole on June 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Making Decisions-Veronica”

  1. Ummmm….yea
    Who IS do not answer? Lol

  2. Yeah Veronica, who IS Do Not Answer??? And why did RJ have your phone? I need you to provide me with more answers…LOL!!!

  3. LOL you should’ve put it under a girls name!

  4. These comments are cracking me up. lol

    Something doesn’t seem right here though. Hmmmm……

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