You Can’t Hide from Love – Veronica

I hate packing. With a passion. I was excited yet annoyed. I had no idea where the movers were and I had to be out of my place by 2pm. It was already 11am. I searched for my phone so I could figure out who i needed to “bless” over the phone when the front door opened. I could smell the sandwiches from Katz Deli and I heard my stomach growling. In walked RJ with our lunch. Today we were moving into our new apartment in Harlem. Yes, Harlem! We chose to move to Harlem since AJ had gotten accepted into Columbia’s Graduate School program. I could feel myself glowing at the thought of us starting our new life together and I was soon knocked back into the present at a hunger pain from my belly. We sat on top of my kitchen counter to eat our lunch when the movers finally dragged their lazy asses to my apartment. With a mouth full of pastrami, I simply pointed to all of the neatly stacked boxes and watched. I just needed to enjoy a brief moment with my fiance for a second before the day became even more hectic. I knew I didn’t have much time after we packed the car up to go to our new place, unpacked some bedding and cleaned the bathroom, and prepared to head out to a small mixer for my job. Even though they knew I was moving, they still expected me to stop by and toast to my new life with RJ.

Once I finally was able to say farewell to my beloved West Village apartment, RJ and I packed up our Jeep and pulled up in front of our new coop on 121st. I rushed to get all of the essentials unpacked and took the keys from our old place to the landlord. While I was gone RJ supervised the movers in arranging the furniture. I was back within an hour and a half, and luckily RJ and I split the cleaning chores in half which gave us enough time to take a quick nap before heading out to the lounge. RJ’s blackberry alarm went off so we knew it was time for us to get ready. We helped each other get dressed and ran out the door about 30minutes late, which was on time since my colleagues were coming from the Lower East Side. I was glad that I hadn’t overdressed because everyone was wearing flip flops. Ugh. After two drinks, RJ disappeared from my side. I knew that some of his classmates were meeting him so he wouldn’t be too lonely. I figured he was downstairs smoking his fave hookah, so I joined my office partner on the couch when I smelled the most familiar scent-men’s Prada cologne. My neck snapped so hard that I gave myself a headache. I didn’t see any familiar faces other than my coworker so I got back to the group.

I heard some shouting from across the room about fifteen minutes later. I had no idea what was going on and it didn’t involve me so I continued to drink my mango martini and eat my thai spring rolls. Next thing I knew, someone snatched my wrist and said “Veronica let’s go!” What the hell had gotten into RJ? I was not in the mood and my sticky wings were on the table, untouched and getting cold. I looked up and I saw someone being escorted out by security. RJ took me into the coat room and yelled, “Why the fuck is HE here? Don’t make me look stupid because I packed my shit to be with you just like you wanted and I see his bitch ass exactly a week after I get here? If you wanna be with him, FINE!”

I was at a loss for words. What the hell just happened and why is HE here? I just decided to get our coats and leave because this was not the time nor place to discuss this drama. I bid goodbye to my colleagues and we got ready to get on the train when someone screamed my name. Soon RJ ran in that direction and yelled “Didn’t I tell you to stay the fuck away from me and my wife?!!?” I looked through the crowd and saw DO NOT ANSWER. What the hell does Miguel want and why is he all the way uptown? Lawd, why me?


~ by A. Nicole on July 4, 2010.

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