Monae~Playing With Fire

I awoke to find one side of the bed kind of warm but empty. I sat up….glanced around and still saw his clothes. I didn’t hear any running water in the bathroom….where could he have gone? I hopped out of bed and made my way downstairs. I didn’t smell any breakfast cooking…..there’s not too many places you can hide in my house! I heard a male’s voice talking from outside on the balcony. My ears immediately perked up as I made my way closer to hear what was going on and my stomach dropped when I caught wind of the conversation:

Baby I just needed time away….

No don’t get upset….you know your stress levels have been too high with this child…

Don’t think that I want to end things because I don’t but I got overwhelmed…I’m still here though…

Yeah I miss you too…

I walked away after that. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Khoury must think I’m a damn fool. And to think that I was actually getting my hopes up again about him!?! I took the stairs back to my room two at a time, grabbed my towel and headed to the shower. My heart was about to karate kick its way out of my chest because of what I had just eavesdropped on and now I felt stupid…AGAIN. I swear I can’t win for losing sometimes but this has got to STOP. I’m tired of playing the damn fool. I didn’t sign up for this shit. The bathroom door opened and in he walked with his sexy ass but I was mad as hell so I ignored him and continued to shower. I kept shaking my head. This fool really had the nerve to call his damn babymama while he was just laid up in my damn bed hugged up with me not too long ago just to reassure her on their so-called “relationship?” What part of the game is that?!

Good morning baby….

I know good and damn well he wasn’t talking to ME. No, no he wasn’t talking to Monae. I rolled my eyes so damn hard that my contacts shifted and the bodywash began burning my eyes because I was trying to move them back into place. I started cursing all types of aggressive and I guess he took that as his cue to speak AGAIN.

Baby…you alright in there? Mo?

Khoury I really don’t have shit to say to you right now. Please just leave before I do something that I’ll probably regret later.

The bathroom got eerily quiet then. I assumed he left. Oh well, it wasn’t my problem. I didn’t hold back my feelings. I said what I had to say….serves his ass right for trying to get one over on me. I still had my back turned to the glass because I didn’t want to chance facing him. I got pissed all over again thinking about that convo. Oh so now he misses her?! Psssh!

Soon the presence of another body invaded my space. I stood frozen momentarily and tensed up until I realized he was now in the shower with me. He was so close up behind me that I didn’t have time to think before I acted. I inadvertently pushed myself back into him. *deep breath* This wasn’t what I wanted…not right now. My body was betraying the hell out of me though and showing him what I was trying to hide. He grabbed my waist and backed me up against the shower wall while restraining my hands on both sides of my head. I hated that I couldn’t move but I loved how he was trying to take advantage of me….

You mad at me Mo?

I didn’t answer. I was still livid with him and I wasn’t trying to let him break me down…..but I was slowly losing that battle. Innocent kisses on my neck turned into “oh we f–kin’” kisses on my lips. I hated him right now for this…..but at the same time I wasn’t complaining about this wrong that felt so right.

You still mad Mo? Just tell me you’re mad and I’ll stop….

Hell no I didn’t want him to stop! He kept asking me that repeatedly as he made his way down to the land that wasn’t promised to any man unless he got lucky. My legs automatically wrapped around his ears while he went to work…..all my feelings of pisstivity vanquished and my mind took me to another place. I couldn’t remember how many times he made my legs quiver orgasmically but the next thing I knew he had me bent over with the wall being my only support…..I was playing with fire….and I didn’t care about the danger that could follow.


~ by Monae on July 6, 2010.

One Response to “Monae~Playing With Fire”

  1. Oh damn !! Monae’s definitely playing with fire!!!

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