Addicted to Love (Part 1) – Veronica

Imagine my face at this point. RJ is ready to go to war, Miguel is near tears, and I’m turning blue from nervousness and shock. Of course this is NYC and no one is going to stop and ask if everything is okay or call the cops. Miguel’s suede jacket was slightly torn at the shoulder, I’m guessing from the bouncers. His face was beet red, the same color as RJ’s. I immediately tried to think of an escape route. I was not in the mood for drama, but RJ had this crazy vice grip around my waist.

“Veronica we HAVE to talk! This cannot wait! It’s been on my mind for a while and I need to tell you how I feel. I love you and I won’t let you marry this man!” Before Miguel could say another word, RJ’s fist connected with his jaw. We’d finally gotten the attention of the NY public who formed a circle around us. Someone yelled ‘Help’ behind me, and I was still in search of an escape route now that RJ finally let me out of his grasp. Miguel stumbled and finally fell. I screamed for RJ to stop and he did after he saw the look in my eyes. The sirens began to blare and the cops pulled over to the scene.

Some nosy ass old lady ran to the cops and said “These thugs are fighting! Take them away!” Really, lady? The cops already had RJ in cuffs, and Miguel was being frisked by some other officer. I pulled the arresting officers aside to explain the story. I ended up having to go down to the station to be questioned by police as some witness assumed I was a victim of domestic abuse.

For whatever reason, Miguel did not press charges against RJ, so I saw no reason to file a restraining order. It just seemed to me that Miguel didn’t want the drama and that’s what was best. After four hours at the station, RJ and I returned home in the most awkward cab ride ever. I was surprised when I felt him reach for my hand, so I placed my head on his shoulder and sighed.

We walked in our apartment and went our separate ways after the cab dropped us off. Thank God for two bathrooms even though I heard RJ sniffling as if he’d been crying. All I wanted was for this day to be over. And it was far from that…I told RJ I’d be back as I went to the liquor store to get a bottle of wine and I tripped over a small bouquet of spring flowers next to the front door. My back fell against the wall as I slid down until I was sitting in the hallway. I was at a loss for words…..”Why Miguel, Why” I cried…..


~ by A. Nicole on July 14, 2010.

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