Monae~Play Your Position

I stood in the mirror checking myself out. Some co-workers and I were heading to a new spot in Broward for happy hour and live music. I confided in one of my closest job friends about what had been going on lately and she suggested I join them later. I agreed without hesitation. I wasn’t about to spend my time pent up and sulking about Khoury the way I did with Maurice. I obviously misread his signals. He hadn’t attempted to contact me since he stormed out of my house that night. I called and got no response. Hey, it was fun while it lasted I guess. I was especially looking forward to this night out though. Since my vacation I hadn’t really had time to just let my cares fall away. Tonight would be that night. I blew a kiss at my reflection before turning to leave. Despite this faux drama, I felt good! I was determined to make the best of the evening.

Our group arrived and was immediately escorted to a secluded area. My co-worker/friend knew the owner and he’d promised her VIP treatment anytime she came through. This night was beginning to look better already. We got comfy in the plush white couches and servers seemed to appear out of nowhere at our beck and call. I ordered my usual “Lipstick On His Collar” and just took in the scenery. The grand opening of this club had been huge a couple of weeks earlier and I’d heard rave reviews. I had to make it my business to visit again. The live band began playing my jam “Before I Let Go” by Frankie Beverly & Maze and I couldn’t help jumping to my feet. As soon I hit the floor, this man took it upon himself to be my dance partner. He was ok to look at but he had no damn rhythm. I politely moved away from him and continued to dance my problems away. I was in a zone and didn’t realize I hadn’t rested until my thighs began to protest. I headed back to the area and my co-worker immediately grabs my arm and pulls me down on the couch. “Girrrrrrrrrrl… friend has been watching you dance all night and he wants to meet you!” I could tell she’d had her fair share of drinks so I laughed it off.

I didn’t feel like waiting on a server so I headed to the bar for another drink. While waiting, I smelled the faint scent of Dolce & Gabbana. My eyes closed and I bit my lip reminiscing. “He must’ve been a great memory.” I jumped slightly and was embarrassed that someone had caught me in the middle of an explicit thought. I looked up into the face of the most handsome man I’d ever seen. He had to be about 6’2″, with mocha colored skin and the most mysterious eyes. His goatee was freshly trimmed, his hair cut low and he had a slight dimple in his chin and in his cheek when he smiled. My senses were pleased. “Hi, I’m Monae” and I held out my hand. “James.”  He took my hand and kissed it. I blushed.

I watched you dance all night…ignoring cats left and right.  You did ya’ thang out there….real sexy.”

I guess I should be flattered then.”

Indeed you should. Did your friend tell you that I wanted to meet you?”

That’s when it clicked… that’s who she was talking about. I scanned his frame again and silently said a prayer of thanks. I certainly had no problem getting to know him.

“She did. So what do you do?”

He laughed heartily.

“Wow. You waste no time do you? I’m the owner of the place.”

Just. My. Luck. His stock went ALL the way up then. He led me to a more quieter area and we spent the rest of our night talking and asking the normal get to know you questions. He owned this spot as well as some other lounges in the area. He even owned a soul food/jazz restaurant that I’d dined in many times but had no idea who ran the place. I was indeed impressed. We were so caught up laughing and just vibing with each other that time had flown. I checked my watch and it was almost two a.m. My Blackberry began buzzing with messages. Apparently the group had already left. My co-worker assumed the best had happened and stated she’d talk to me at work tomorrow. James walked me to my car and stopped me before I got in.

You’re different Monae. I like that about you.”

I smiled at his attempt to keep me from leaving. I thanked him again for making my time there worthwhile and told him we’d definitely be keeping in touch. He leaned in to kiss me on my cheek and whispered in my ear…

“Seriously…I want to see you again. I hope that’s ok with you?”

I agreed that it would be fine and hugged him to inhale his scent again. I don’t know what came over me then but I had an overwhelming urge to kiss him and this time I didn’t hold back. His lips tasted as good as he looked and his kisses seemed to be urging more. His hands gripped my ass and I felt him growing on my thigh. Wait, wait what the hell was I doing?! I quickly pulled away as my breath caught in my throat. He looked at me with lust in his eyes while I had shame in mine.

Don’t feel bad….I enjoyed that as much as you did. I should be the one with more willpower.”

“You’re a man James….men don’t have that trait” I said as I laughed slightly

“A man who’s married should……”



~ by Monae on July 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Monae~Play Your Position”

  1. You have gooooooot to be kidding me??? MARRIED? As in committed to someone under God… Wow

  2. Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!


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