Monae~Love Potion No. 9

As soon as I arrived at work the next morning I made a beeline to Lisa, my co-worker’s desk. When she noticed the look on my face she ended her call and urged me to come sit and spill the details about the previous night. The first sentence I blurted out was: WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME HE WAS MARRIED?!?! Nosy ass Giselle just so happened to be on time that day. I advised Lisa to come get her jacket from my car to avoid becoming the office’s afternoon gossip. Once we got on the elevator and the doors closed, I went off!

“Lisa you mind tellin’ me what’s really going on?!”

“Monae calm down! It’s not like I hooked you two up….as a matter of fact, I noticed that he found his way to YOU. So why the ‘tude? Something happened last night that shouldn’t have?”

I nervously kept pressing the elevator buttons once I realized that we hadn’t moved since we got on. Lisa’s face lit up and she collapsed with laughter. I wanted to stay mad but I couldn’t resist laughing with her. I filled her in on the great conversation James and I had as well as the kiss before I left. My face burned in shame. I felt as though my mom had caught me having sex in her bed or something. Lisa explained that James and his wife were having “marital issues” and hadn’t been sleeping in the same house for weeks. I asked just how the hell she knew that and she simply stated, “Hair salon girl. Plenty of women have been eyeing that man!”

“But he’s still married Lisa!”

“And he’s interested in YOU, Monae. Married or not, the brotha is PAID. I KNOW you aren’t going to let that one slip away. Plus that little “thing” you two did…”

It was just a kiss!”

“That’s blackmail honey. You like nice things? Let him buy them. You want to go on trips? Make him take you. Monae you need to get with it!”

My head was spinning as I returned to my desk. That little pow wow with Lisa wasn’t worth a damn. A married man? That’s not my forte. Now that I think about it, he wasn’t wearing a ring either. This is crazy! I tried not to concentrate on it too much. Conference calls and meetings kept me busy for most of the day. Once I returned back to my cube, it was almost five p.m. and I was glad….until I checked my Blackberry. There was a missed call from James and a voicemail to accompany it. Instead of calling him back, I checked my inbox:  “Monae, it’s James…..I was wondering if we could meet up later to talk. I know the night ended awkward but I want to redeem myself…give me a call please and let me know.” I stared in my Blackberry in disbelief. What could he possibly want to redeem himself for?! DUDE YOU ARE MARRIED!

I decided to stop to the liquor store to get the ingredients for my “GlamTini“. I still couldn’t get over James. As I pulled into the store and switched the gear into park, my Blackberry began to ring. I checked the screen and speak of the devil. I stared at it and decided to answer. Before I could even say “Hello” he started rambling about feeling bad that he led me on and how he doesn’t want me to think that he’s being a creep but there’s something about me that draws him in……suuure. I’m listening to him speak and this sleek ass Infiniti G37 convertible pulls in next to me. I’m admiring the car but couldn’t see behind the tint until the window comes down and it’s James. I ended the call and let my window down.

“So is it safe to say that you’re stalking me already?”

“Would you have an order placed against me if I was? I saw you pull in while I was at the gas station across the street. That’s why I called.”

“To what do I owe the displeasure of this?”

I saw his something in his eyes when I said that but it disappeared just as quickly as it came.

“Come on Monae. Get in.”

I stared at him like he was crazy.

“I just want to have dinner with you….that’s all. You have a friend who knows me. You’re safe..”

“James you’re MARRIED.”

“I’m also hungry and you probably are too. Would you rather follow me or park your car at the club?”

As if on cue my stomach made the most embarrassing sound. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast…..damn it why was he putting me in this predicament? Thoughts circulated in my head and I made up in my mind that I’d tell him “No” and just go home to have leftovers. Sometimes my mouth betrays my thoughts.

“I’ll park at the club….”


~ by Monae on July 16, 2010.

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