Addicted to Love (Part 2) – Veronica

I stared at the flowers, still confused. I was at a loss, unsure of why I was crying. I think I was crying because I thought I finally had everything I wanted. I just felt like Miguel wouldn’t let me be, and it was becoming more and more emotionally draining for me. I really just wanted him to dissapate so I could focus on my soon-to-be marriage to RJ. Miguel and I had ended in my opinion, but he obviously believed that he had a chance. He watches too much tv. I went back inside the apartment and went straight to the guest bedroom. I was only planning on laying down for an hour and I ended up sleeping until the next morning.

I woke up to two voices. The cable guy was just leaving. I never did get that wine, so I walked in the living room and poured us both a shot of coconut rum. After we drank our shots, we went over to the couch to relax and “talk around” our issues. I went ahead and let him know my side of the story concerning Miguel. RJ was so still, I really thought he’d fallen asleep. I looked over at him and he was just staring at me.

I continued on with how I closed the chapter with Miguel to the point where I was ignoring his messages. Still no response from RJ. After a few seconds of silence, he went over to a box next to the computer equipment and pulled out a bottle of red wine. He returned to the couch with two goblets and began to speak while pouring our glasses.

“Veronica, I’m not really sure of what’s going on but I did not move here for this drama. I came up here to do what needed to be done for the both of us. I can’t fathom how this dude is behaving like this for no reason. This is some bitch shit, V. You know that. He called you a few times while we were in Puerto Rico…at random hours of the day AND night. a few times I turned your phone off and erased the missed calls so you wouldn’t see. One night he called at 4am and by that time I had enough.

I called him back and told him who I was. Well, he already knew. He said something about “unfinished business” and I told him that the two of you have no business anymore. Ya boy said that it was up to you and not me. Veronica, you need to change your phone number. I won’t have him fucking this up for us. It’s more complicated since you two have an intertwining family but yall just need to be civil. And another thing, I don’t —–”

A hard knock at the door. “Delivery for Veronica.” RJ went to the door, looked through the peephole, and opened it once he saw the delivery guy with the huge box. He slammed the door behind the delivery guy after signing for the package and took it to the kitchen table. RJ announced that it was an Edible Arrangement from my uncle and his wife. RJ immediately began eating it which let me know that I needed to cook something unless the gas hadn’t been cut on yet. After reading the card that accompanied the gift, I began preparing breakfast since I knew RJ had to leave for class in a few hours. I removed the Edible Arrangement from the base after it appeared as if RJ had had enough.
I guess RJ was done talking because he burped loudly and cut on Sportscenter. I then noticed a piece of white paper at the bottom. I hoped it wasn’t a tacky ass receipt or something. A note from Miguel WTF?!?!?!?!? “Veronica, meet me in Central Park around 430.” Um, hell no. I found a black marker and covered the note so RJ wouldn’t find it. After making RJ’s breakfast, I took the plate to him. I then went to change clothes so I could run to the grocery store and have dinner ready by the time RJ got out of class at 7pm.
Once I dropped RJ off on campus, went grocery shopping and put everything away, I turned on some Jill Scott while I began painting the living room with a soothing shade of taupe. My phone went off so I checked my missed messages. There was a BBM from some unknown 347 number. “Veronica, it’s 5:15pm. I’m still waiting for you in the park. Are you on your way?” Ridiculous. RJ was right, time to change my phone number. I realized that I’d left a second roll of painter’s tape in the trunk so I ran downstairs to get it. I walked out of my brownstone and lost my breath. Miguel was leaning against my car……..


~ by A. Nicole on July 24, 2010.

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