Monae~Mind F*ck….

I stepped away from him in shock…..


“Monae……please. I promise I won’t try anything. I just would really love your company tonight….”

My face registered pure disbelief. Disbelief at the nerve he had to ask me that and disbelief at myself for actually considering the offer. I turned quickly without answering him and headed to my car. I figured if I could get out of his presence I wouldn’t be so tempted. Too bad he was on my heels and unwilling to let me off the hook that easy. He shot around me and blocked the door so that I was unable to open it. I rolled my eyes in frustration and felt like screaming. I was tired and ready to call it a night but here he was trying to lay up! What gives!? I wanted to call someone to come get me but it was late as hell and how would it look for me to be keeping these hours with a married man. I dropped my face in silent defeat. I guess there was no way out of this but to play his game…..

“Ok….where to?”

His facial expression quickly changed from stone determined to a slight grin. He probably thought he’d won but little did he know….

“Baby I’m glad you changed your mind…..”

I hit him with a serious side eye at that “Baby“. I wasn’t trying to hear it AT ALL. He proposed that we go to the W in Ft. Lauderdale so that I wouldn’t feel as though he was putting me in an awkward position in case the wife decided to pull a stunt. He kept reassuring me it wouldn’t happen but he wanted me to know it was all about making me feel “comfortable”……mmhmm. I insisted on following him in my own car because I had no plans of being on his time. I actually made up my mind that once he was good and sleep, I was leaving. My nerves were bundled up as I trailed him to the hotel. The radio did nothing to calm the uneasiness I felt. I thought about calling Veronica but RJ probably slept right next to her phone these days… that option got thrown out. I was so zoned out with my thoughts and when I noticed him slowing up, I realized we had arrived. I saw him talking to the valet guy and assumed he was taking care of both cars. I pulled myself together and headed up to meet him at the sliding doors.

He led me in a completely different direction to which I became confused. He must’ve noticed the expression on my face.

“I’m not trying to kidnap you….I can sense how uneasy you are right now. Relax girl….I got you. One of the one bedroom flats is mine so I have a private entry.”

Damn did he own a piece of everything?! I had to bring myself back down…I know I’m not the first he’s brought here. I’m sure he and his wife enjoyed many nights….ugh! I casually shrugged as we stepped onto the elevator. We were on the last floor and had a way to go. I stood away from him in my own corner and he was leaned against the doors looking so….sexy. In the blink of an eye he was invading my space….staring at me with those eyes and that’s when he started to kiss me. Oh man why did he do that?! The minute I put my arms around his neck, he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist and was grinding himself into me. The package felt RIGHT and I was ready for action. It feels like we were kissing and fondling forever until the elevator bell dinged to signal our floor. I attempted to unwrap myself but he decided to carry me out of the elevator in that same position…

My brain was fighting a losing war with my body. My thoughts kept screaming, “He’s married! HE’S MARRIED!!” yet my body was out for self! His lips were just sooo MMMMMmmm….I was in a trance. Once we got to the door, he put me down and reached for the key.  I swear I was overcome  with the urge to reach into his pants and go to WORK….I laughed to myself at the irony of this situation. I didn’t want to think of the repercussions….I just wanted to get it in. We barely made it pass the kitchen before clothes began to disappear.

“Baby I knew I said I wouldn’t do this but…damn I can’t help myself right now with you…”

I told him not to worry because I wasn’t worried! “Shut up and kiss me” was the last thing I said. He carried me onto the balcony and the breeze from the water was exhilirating over my body. I was thrilled being in the open…I just knew this was going to be something I wouldn’t soon forget. He leaned me against the chair and slipped himself in… body was losing it! We soon settled into a groove and our own soundtrack could be heard amongst the waves. We were at it so hard I thought we were going to break through a wall until we realized that wasn’t us knocking.

Someone was at the door….and they didn’t sound happy…..

“James! I hear you in there fuckin’ her! You better open this damn door before I call the police on yo’ trespassin’ ass!”

Say WHAT?!!


~ by Monae on August 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “Monae~Mind F*ck….”

  1. Damn damn damn James! (A la outkast)


  2. SMH this is why they say close your legs to married men. Now James about to get you killed. Married men are the Devil. Lol

  3. Oh… wow…

  4. OMG! WTF!!! Monae you should’ve listened to your intuition. Caught up…damn!

  5. The devil is afoot, Monae! Married peen is bad peen!

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