Moved On…literally

I’m back! A lot has happened….

After my spring fling with the youngin’ Daniel I decided to take a break.  Having Daniel around was like having a child.  He kept me up late nights and early mornings.  Daniel proved to me how old I was really getting and that I was ready to settle down, but with who?  Adrian was definitely a no going back there situation after he and his baby mama said their vows two months ago.  Here I was the only “normal” person out of all these guys and I was still single and disengaged.

One evening I was going through my regular after work routine, walking my dog and then settling down with a glass of Moscato for some MTV reality.  It was then I saw it, a group of girls living in NY, the modern day Sex and the City.  It was my answer and I was ready to run with it.  That same night I applied to a school in New York and I was determined to move and try something new.  They say there’s many fish in the sea but I figured I’d seen all the ones Florida had to offer.  So New York it was.

I got my acceptance letter, wrote my resignation letter for my job and packed my bags.  I moved to New York two months later.  Here I am in the city of dreams and living the real single girl life.  Along with this real single girl life comes the real loser boys.  They are a story in themselves and I have met plenty of them.

~ by engagedtothesystem on September 24, 2010.

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