“When Love Just Ain’t Enough” – Veronica

I took a brief leave of absence to go down and visit Monae. I was shocked to hear about a married man, but I could also understand the longing for attention. We had a lowkey few days, hanging out with my roommate from college and partying on Miami Beach. I arranged for my return flight to land in Newark so I could go home and see my family for the weekend. RJ wanted space and that’s what I gave him.

I took the PATH back to the city and caught a cab back to my apartment from Midtown. I saw our truck double-parked in front as I paid the cab driver. I got up the stairs and saw the door open to the apartment. I called for RJ and didn’t get an answer. I went to the spare bedroom to hang up some clothes that I didnt wear on the trip. I sat at the computer to check emails and follow-up on some business. Suddenly I heard the front door close. I ran to the living room and there was no one there, just a bouquet of flowers with an oversized card and a huge balloon with “Congratulations” written across it. I sat at the table to read the card. “Congratulations on making me regret my decision to be with you. You will never begin to imagine the pain that I feel right now. Congrats again, I hope you and Miguel will be happy together.”

I looked around the room and noticed that RJ had taken his belongings with him. He even took the TV. I ran to the window just in time to see him close the trunk and climb in the front seat. Our eyes met briefly and he pulled off. I went back over to the table, picked up the vase of flowers and hurled it at the brick fireplace.

I fell to my knees, sitting in broken glass and dirty water. I cried for ten minutes until I opened my eyes long enough to see a pool of blood spilling from beneath me. My jogging pants were completely soaked in blood and some thick white liquid. I crawled to the coffee table where RJ left the cordless phone. I dialed his number and he sent me straight to voicemail. I only had the strength to utter the word “help” before I felt myself passing out.


~ by A. Nicole on October 18, 2010.

3 Responses to ““When Love Just Ain’t Enough” – Veronica”

  1. Lawd! Girl no not now!

  2. Noooo!! RJ can’t be gone…

  3. LOL! I am cracking up at these comments. Funny! Great read.

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