Monae~Back To Me

It had been three months since I moved out of Miami. I packed up my whole life minus the heartache and I had no plans on looking back. I’ll admit that my feelings were bittersweet…I’d spent my whole life in Florida but it was time to step out of my comfort zone. I couldn’t grow like I needed to if I stayed. I immediately accepted my job’s offer and was looking forward to a new beginning. I fought off the onset of homesickness by throwing myself headfirst into my brand new position as the senior analyst at my job. The pay raise was enough to make me forget ever knowing what was left behind. Decorating to my heart’s content is what took up most of my evenings until I was comfortably settled in. I was still kind of a loner at work…some of my co-workers refused to move…and were now out of a job. I just took everything in stride and focused on getting back to me. I’d lost myself throughout the past year and now was the perfect time for putting the pieces of my life back together.

Maurice was the only familiar face. When I’d officially accepted this offer, he tried to get me to entertain the idea of he and I moving in together…I don’t know what gave him the notion that we were supposed to just get back together like we already didn’t have a shitload of issues. I did get lonely in that house though…but I refused to call Maurice in fear of going backwards. The past needed to remain in the past. I was still kind of vulnerable and I didn’t need that temptation…which seemed to be jumping from every corner. James had been calling for the past month…little did he know that I knew he had reconciled with his wife. I knew that whole act was too good to be true! I contemplated changing my number just to rid myself of his sad ass messages…and along came Khoury. He called as I was about to board my flight to NC. I answered the phone in a haste and once I heard his voice I froze. I was incredibly uncomfortable and mumbled that I’d had to go while quickly pressing the end button. I had my reasons for not wanting to talk to him and I was fine with that.

I became a certified work-a-holic. I stayed late hours and brought the mornings in with the roosters that crowed. My boss was so impressed with my work ethic that he insisted I take a day off. I wasn’t looking forward to spending the day alone at home. As I was powering down for the day, the scent of some man’s cologne permeated my office space. I looked up and noticed one of the newly hired business analysts at my door. I’d seen him around but hadn’t had the time to introduce myself…even though right now he was looking good enough to…


I snapped out of my trance

“Yes! Hi…you are?”

Darrius…I just came by to introduce myself and ask if you’d like to join me later for dinner…that is if you aren’t busy.”

I laughed as he flashed a smile complete with dimples and perfect teeth. I couldn’t believe how forward he was. One thing I did know is that he came to this company highly recommended. I glanced quickly at his left hand…free and clear of a ring. I’m sure he had to come with some kind of drama…handsome, career driven Black man in a corporate world? I shook my head at the wayward thoughts.

We made small talk and despite my prior thoughts, I agreed to meet up with him. His flirtatious advances gave me butterflies and I couldn’t stop blushing….

Oh Darrius…who knows. He could be the blues in my left thigh trying to become the funk in my right. Yep…that’s alright!


~ by Monae on December 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Monae~Back To Me”

  1. Good for you for getting your life back! You go girl!!!

  2. Oh I love that last line from one of my favorite movies of all time!

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