Monae~Different Strokes…Part II

I couldn’t have been more happier with the possibilities. Here he was…damn near Mr. Right and for once, I looked forward to sharing with him. My days were spent constantly thinking about him. The nights were consumed with sweet talk, sex talk and the building anticipation of reuniting. A childhood friend of his was celebrating his birthday in town and he had invited me to attend the festivities. We decided to make a weekend of it and the countdown was on. I was on pins and needles in the weeks that led up to the day we’d finally see each other. The conversations became more intense…I tried to remind myself to stay collected. We envisioned where we wanted things to lead but we were so ahead of ourselves. Vowing to let things flow naturally, I boarded my flight and couldn’t wait to be in his arms.

I spotted him immediately in the fast paced airport crowd. He grabbed my bag and he walked alongside each other to his car. I found myself feeling shy even as we joked around with each other. He put my bag in his trunk and walked around to open the passenger side door for me like a gentleman. Once he was in and seated, he suddenly leaned in and kissed me. Instant warmth like warm cocoa and marshmallows spread over me and I could then tell that I was right where I wanted to be.

As the night drew on, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. We met up with his friend, Jamal for birthday dinner and drinks. He made introductions and there was a good rapport among us. The more the drinks flowed, the more indecent my thoughts became. We eventually left to head back to his place and although we’d promised not to let this time lead to sex, I was thisclose to giving in. So close that all I wanted to do was slide the panties to the side and get it in. No dice…we ended up making out and cuddling like we cared about each other and I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up to the sun coming through the curtains and something poking against my ass. I backed up into him and thought for sure that this would be it until a blast from the tv came from his living room. I turned to look at him with a questioning face and he told me that it didn’t make sense for Jamal to stay in a hotel so he invited him to crash for the weekend being that it was his birthday. I shrugged it off but made a mental note to throw Jamal a side eye for cock blocking! The idea of getting caught began to appeal to me but while I attempted to get him to play along, he low key brushed me off weirdly as though he wasn’t into that kind of thing. Now I was frustrated! I headed to go shower and called a local friend to make plans for her to pick me up from his place for brunch. He and I had a date night scheduled later and I didn’t want us to over saturate ourselves by staying up under each other all day. As though she knew my timing perfectly, she was downstairs waiting as soon as I had finished dressing and was strapping up my sandals. He broke himself away from the video game he was playing with Jamal to walk me to the door, kiss me goodbye and whisper how he couldn’t wait to tear my ass up later. That put a definite pep in my step and I couldn’t WAIT for it. My friend and I were in route to one of our favorite restaurants when I realized I’d forgotten my phone. She skillfully made a quick u-turn. Although I had nothing to hide, I was not comfortable with leaving it there. She arrived back to his place in no time and I raced into an opening elevator. Once reaching his floor I made a quick right to end up in front of his apartment and realizing again I had no way to call him, began knocking. Too much time went by and I didn’t believe he could’ve left that quickly so I knocked again….nothing. I was beginning to become antsy. Why wasn’t he answering? Where was Jamal? I knocked once more and silence. I turned the knob on the door to try and indicate that someone was trying to get in and it surprisingly wasn’t locked and had easily opened. I figured he went downstairs to his car and would be back soon so I headed to his room to get my phone from his nightstand when…

There he was bent over someone and pumping away…followed by moans and groans that sounded as though it was the best sex they ever had. I could feel the steam coming from my ears. Did he really have me come all the way here just to be sexing another chick?! “Excuse you?!” I interrupted loudly and that’s when I felt my heart drop. He…and…Jamal…together. I dry heaved and nothing would come out. I snatched my phone and from the corner of my eye I could see him coming towards me with all kinds of “Baby I can explain”“Don’t go”

Different strokes…for different folks…literally.


~ by Monae on December 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “Monae~Different Strokes…Part II”

  1. Eeeww man wtf!!! I’m sorry girl

  2. Man damn! I swear you can’t catch a break boo! I don’t even know how I would react walking in on that.

  3. & you can blame God for Jamal cock blocking!! OMGeee I would have went off in that place! WTH!?!? I’m so sorry that steamy trip had to end that way! Crazy you need to worry if your man is gettin’ it in with his boys just as much as another man these days smh

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