Monae~Luck Of The Draw

I stepped out into the Florida sun and for the first time welcomed the blaze onto my skin. After relocating to North Carolina for work, I packed up my life and feelings thinking I’d never have to look back…until now. Two years later and I was back in Miami to attend my linesister’s wedding. I contemplated visiting (for more reasons than one) but the rational side of me would take over and convince me to leave well enough alone. The timing of this wedding couldn’t have been more perfect though and I was looking forward to enjoying a long weekend of catching up with old friends, relaxing and celebrating love. I needed this familiarity…especially after that walk-in fiasco. I had to come to grips with the fact that I had dealt with a stranger…homeboy only had to show me ONE time who he is though…I believe! He continued to call, leave messages, send emails, etc trying to explain himself but there was no coming back from that. A booty bandit lover I am NOT.

I took my time strolling down Ocean Drive with frosty drink in hand. I enjoyed people watching and the tourists as well as the locals were out in full and fool form. I smiled to myself as I thought back to the days when I was without a care in the world. I didn’t necessarily have the weight of the world on my shoulders now but some days I still worried about if I was where I was destined to be in my life. In God’s time, not yours” echoed in my head. It was as if my friends were in my head sneaking a peek at my thoughts. I made my way to my much needed spa appointment. I couldn’t wait for my body to completely de-stress and I hoped they assigned a masseuse to me who knew what the hell they were doing. I took a blind chance since my regular spot is one of a kind and only available in NC but I couldn’t go one more day without pampering myself.

I entered into a sanctuary with low lights, aromatic candles and soothing sounds. I sighed deeply and felt myself being lulled into a tranquil mode. As I sat in the waiting area, the feeling of someone staring at me became so strong that I felt forced to look around intently although there was no one else seated along with me. As my name was called, I chalked it up to be the effects of my earlier frosted adult beverage. Once in the room, I undressed and laid across the heated bed. Scents of peppermint and lavender had me ready to be loved…and rubbed down. Although I was in no rush, the masseuse seemed to be taking their own sweet time. “Whatever…” I thought as I felt myself drifting off and that’s when I felt his hands. I immediately tensed up until I realized where I was again. How long had this guy taken if it was enough time for me to fall asleep?! “Relax…” he said. His voice was low and sexy…and he smelled good too. Was this against the law for me to be sort of turned on? I bet he was ugly as hell though…I kept my eyes closed and allowed my senses to indulge my fantasy.

The first thing I noticed was that the music had changed. Gone were the soothing sounds of nature…I was just about to say it was way too quiet when “Your Hands” by Marsha Ambrosius began to play throughout the speakers. My body tensed up again and I became speechless…one, because this was one of my favorite songs and two, he had no business trying to be DJ such and such and have me feeling some type of way. I opened my mouth in protest but his hands began working magic on my soul. He rubbed and soothed his way across every curve and crevice effortlessly…as if he took this path across my body every single day. He knew me…he knew what spots to caress…he knew what areas to zone in on. I swear you would’ve never know this was our first time and! I had to bite the pillow to keep the moans from escaping…did he work all of his clients over like this??? He lifted the sheet slightly and I proceeded to turn over until I felt his lips on my back. He hungrily kissed a trail up to my neck and began to slightly nibble on my ear. His hands reached underneath to caress my breasts…I was too far gone to deny the feelings stirring in me. He spoke, “Tell me this isn’t fate Mo…what are the chances that two years later we’d meet again and like this?” I froze. “Don’t fight it baby. We both wanted this…and I’m not lettin’ you go this time.” I turned over completely and came face to face with James.

“I seldom end up where I want to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.”~Douglas Adams


~ by Monae on February 27, 2012.

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