Yasmin’s World


Now why do I hear Ne-Yo’s song “She Got Her Own”blasting in my ear?! Oh, it’s my ringtone.


“Girl where you at? I know you ain’t sleep cuz I’m on 285 headed to your house so you better be ready, Bai.”

I forgot I promised my homegirl Sherrita I would get us in Compound tonight since it’s Super Bowl weekend. I go wherever the ballers are, and the ballers go wherever I go. My older sister Veronica was here last weekend all sad about her dumb husband. I tried to introduce her to this fine ass cornerback for the Jaguars but she had an attitude. Enough about her.

I’m Yasmin. 22 year old blasian beauty who’s working as a medical assistant and a dancer every Tuesday and Thursday night at Magic City. I already own my own condo and I just bought a brand new Infiniti G37. You can say I’m well taken care of. But I’m smart. I’m playing my cards well.

I hopped out of bed and walked into one of the bedrooms that my boo turned into a closet for me. As usual I didn’t know what to wear. I heard his footsteps downstairs so I peeked my head out and yelled “Hun, I’m in the closet.”

There he was. 6’2 200lbs, muscular, tatted, rich, and sometimes mine. He lived with his family next door to T.I. but stayed with me two nights a week. We met at the club, apparently he’d been sweating me before he sent his cousin over to me with $15,000 in a black velvet bag. Two years later, here we are. I didn’t mind “sharing” him. I mean, he’s only with her because they have kids.

I took off my nightgown and threw on a fur as he came up the steps. When he walked in and saw the look on my face he knew what time it was. Sherrita was just gon have to wait because my panties were around my ankles…..



~ by A. Nicole on May 11, 2012.

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