An Unexpected Arrival-Veronica


A few weeks ago Marques sent me the ticket to fly out and see him in Atlanta while he’s out there working. I actually hate Atlanta but my little sister Yasmin lives there and I try to visit her twice a year. If I decide to go then I would make it more of a visit with my sister than a weekend of indecency with Marques.
I told Yasmin about Marques and since she hates RJ she’s ecstatic about me meeting with Marq. She’s young, wild, and carefree but sometimes she makes a good point. That’s rare though!


During the flight I felt myself becoming anxious. RJ knew I was coming to see Yasmin so he’s having a weekend alone with his son. It’s not like I was sneaking around. I’m just going to have a casual lunch with an ex. Once I land and head to baggage, I look for the chauffeur holding up my name. There’s no one there. I head outside and call Yasmin, thinking she’s coming to get me herself.

I told Siri to call her but I heard someone yelling my name on the distance. I see a maserati slowly approaching me……the driver flashes a perfect set of teeth adorned by two familiar dimples on each side.

“Marques wtf are you doing here!?!?”
OMG he looks fantastic, and now he’s rockin dreadlocks!?!

He looks….omg I can’t feel my feet. I feel sweat under my breasts from the anxiety. I knew it was a bad decision when he got out to open my car door and greeted me with a kiss right on the apple of my cheek. Oh this is a bad idea. Bad.

~ by A. Nicole on May 14, 2012.

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