Pain and Pleasure-Milan

My eyes were glued to the news report blaring from the wall mounted flat screen in my condo. Only seconds ago, I was famished…heartily eating my egg whites, turkey and spinach omelette but I’d just as quickly lost my appetite after hearing the familiar tunes indicating an urgent story. Famed music producer Kamal Burkes…known to many as K.B…was found dead in his penthouse suite. There were no known suspects and no evidence to link it to a suicide. A small lump formed in my throat and I casually reached for the remote to temporarily silence my reality.

I never…in a million years would have imagined becoming the woman I am today. I am Milan…an entrepreneur…a thriving business woman…and a man’s worst nightmare come true. My power comes from the love of money. You can never have too much money and my life’s goal is to NEVER want for a dime. I guess I should also mention that I handpick and enlist those who I feel can contribute heavily to this effort. I’m like a blood sucking vampire…once my fangs have set, I will drain you dry…and leave you for dead. I can’t take chances with a nigga who may have motives to retaliate…even if they claim to love me and spoke of plans to marry me…as was the case with Kamal.

Fuck love! Love had me draining my account of my hard earned money for a man who in turn was lavishing other women…playing the role. Love had me defending a man who was never mine…further embarrassing me and what I felt our relationship to be. Love left my womb not once but twice because he “wasn’t at a point in his life to handle it”. Love was perfect…for some other bitch! Love almost left me for dead. Operating from a place of pain now yields my own twisted pleasure.

As is customary after every “job”…I clear the scene…clear my head…and re-group.

I’ve got a high profile wedding to attend in Miami. I’d love to use this time to really relax but in my line of work…there are no days off.

I pushed those familiar feelings beginning to surface deep down into that dark place while scanning a listing of available hotels…when I saw his face.


~ by Monae on May 18, 2012.

One Response to “Pain and Pleasure-Milan”

  1. Nothing worse that a woman scorned! Oh my.

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