I looped my arm through James’ and could not keep the silly grin off my face. He led the way to the area where we would watch my linesister and her hubby-to-be proclaim their love. Barefoot and inseparable from the immediate chemistry we shared…we trekked through the sand to our seats. He interlocked his fingers with mine and the butterflies were all but calm in my belly. Everything was just as I wanted it to be.

The day I got that “special” massage, come to find out James owns that place as well. Is there ANYTHING he hasn’t placed his name on? Once he realized who I was he decided to assign himself to my appointment. We ended up going out for dinner and catching up on the past couple of years. His divorce had been finalized shortly after my move and he had been dating here and there but nothing serious. I told him no one important was a part of my life and I had just thrown myself into working 24/7. We ended the night cuddling in each others arms and now…we’re doing US. One day at a time.

The wedding was a beautiful event. The sunset on the beach just added to the incredible ambiance I had experienced the entire weekend. James was such the social butterfly. Everyone recognized him and I was proudly on his arm. I caught a few chicks side eye’ing me but who cares. This fine man was mine for the moment and I made sure they knew that. He played into my thoughts by not being able to keep his hands off of me. I was sure my last destination would be LOVE.

The time came for the bride to toss her bouquet. I made my way to the spot despite James trying to convince me to stay behind. Boo…we are just basking in the glow and nowhere near official. Let me attempt to play catch! I noticed a woman staring at us intently but I tried not to pay her too much mind. While laughing at the fake toss starts and all the women damn near tripping over each other and their feet, the final throw was THE throw. The last thing I remember is reaching my hand up and being blindsided.

‘Damn! It’s not THAT serious!” I yelled out as James rushed to help me up from the sand. I looked up and saw the same woman from earlier walking away with the bouquet and a smirk.

Who the fxck is THIS bitch?

~ by Monae on May 20, 2012.

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