Grass is Always Greener-Veronica


Marques what the hell? Where’s Yasmin?”
He was quiet as he sped down 285 headed towards Sandy Springs where Yasmin lived. It baffles me how these two have remained homies since we broke up over 8 years ago.

“I’m doing my lil sis Yas a favor. She had a date in Alpharetta and wouldn’t be on this side in time to get you.”

That hoe ain’t have no dayum date. I’ma kill her! I slid down in the seat and stared at the other cars speeding by.

“So V, why you so quiet? Aren’t you happy to see me?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yea as happy as Cobb County cops are to see you driving this car.”

Marques laughed harder than necessary. “Girl shut up. My boss is letting me hold his whip while he’s in Maldives. But anyway when do you wanna hang out? I’ll arrange my schedule around you.”


“Stop sweating me, Marques. I’m here so I’ll call you or something. I just wanna see my sister.”

I looked at him as he checked himself out in the rear view mirror. “Funny you seemed to act differently when you were in New York. Well whatever I won’t beg. Call me.” he leaned over to kiss my forehead. Wow his lips still feel the same. And by “the same” I mean delicious. I rolled my eyes and hopped out.


I couldn’t wait to get inside and hop in her whirlpool tub. Wait – I’m sure I’d have to bleach it before I got in, no telling who she’s been entertaining in THAT.

I grabbed a bottle of Fiji water and a red velvet cupcake from the cake dish. Yasmin allowed me to help her decorate her home when I was working on my interior design portfolio. Everything had remained the same except for a few recent nude pictures of herself that she’d hung on the wall.

I kind of missed coming home to an empty place and not having to worry about cooking or cleaning everyday so my husband would be proud of his domesticated wife. Nobody wants to wash clothes and have to fold them right after! Shit, I’m tired!

As I laid across the bed in the guest room, I heard her yelling from downstairs. We met at the top of the staircase.

Yasmin gave me a big hug and started rambling. “Ooh girl doesn’t Marq look good with locs? Remember when he used to wear those hazel contacts? Girl that was a mess but thats YOUR man!”

OMG she’s still loud and fast talking as ever. “Bitch I should kill you, why didn’t you tell me he was coming to get me!?!”

She grinned and said “He told me he had a huge surprise for you! I figured he would tell you immediately since it’s such great news!”

Surprise? What kind of surprise could he have?


~ by A. Nicole on May 23, 2012.

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